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It's not a battle. It's a war. You're in the front line, and you're really trying to fight your hardest. But you can't, you see. Your heart is racing. You're palms are shaking, and you feel like you're going to pass out. How can you win the war? It's easy. Win the battles, first.

In essence, this analogy touches upon exactly what anxiety is, and where it comes from. Of course when you look at the abundance of change and anxiety-provoking instances you're undertaking with various situations in your life, you're going to feel powerless. Help is on its way! First, break the problem apart. Then devise mini-goals, and action plans to go along with them. Finally, sit back and be amazed at how much easier life is by simplification.

Anxiety in its general sense comes from a feeling of being overwhelmed. When we don't take time out for ourselves, and keep going like the world of energizer bunnies that we are, we tend to get burned out. Usually the disorders start with stomach and digestion problems. What you think is an ulcer turns into something even worse with time. This disorder can go from physical to mental very easily, and the two intertwine all too often.

By the time the disorder manifests itself (with your help, remember), you begin to have irrational fears, and physical symptoms turn into sweaty palms, shaking, nausea, and faintness.

This disorder has many forms. It can go into depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and an array of phobias. Not good at all. But with prevention, and perseverance, you can make it through. You can turn your feelings of overwhelming fear into something positive. Here's how.

When you're overwhelmed, thinking that you have to win an entire war, you neglect to remember that only by tackling the small battles will you ever win an entire war. And it is possible to win this war, you see. You just have to win the battles, first. These battles comprise the war.

And that's what anxiety is. It's a war...against yourself! How insanely simple a statement to be made, offering the suggestion that the struggle of an anxiety disorder is brought on by ourselves?!? Yes, that's true! No, I'm not crazy!

Although anxiety is brought on by many different triggers, it grows when we feel that we cannot handle whatever is making us anxious, and leading us to anxiety attacks. The answer to ridding ourselves of these attacks? Ourselves, indeed.

Does the anxiety seem like way too much? Admitting that you need help to conquer this disorder is not a sign of weakness, but of strength. Seek out a counselor who is just right for you and your needs. Just like a soldier ensures to restock his ammo for the fight, you may need to do a little restocking too. More like a reevaluation, to see where you are, how you got there, and where you're heading.

The wisest information ever given to me during my battle with this disorder was to take "one day at a time". It sounds so simple, still, it works so powerfully.

I haven't won the war yet, but I continue to move bravely through the front lines ready and willing to win the battles.