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Getting healthy hair is easy to get, it's keeping and maintaining it that's the hard part.
Want to stop smoking? Well, here's a 10 pronged multi-faceted attack to allow you to do just that.
Having a healthy complexion isn't a gift, you have to work at it. Following some simple tips you can cheat at making your skin look radiant without all the work.
Sleepiness brings a clue. Listen to your body so you can do what you want for many years. Enjoy your awake time, even in the middle of the night.
To keep your face acne free try some of these cures.
Acne home remedy: Beating acne isn't as easy at you would have believe. But with good prevention tips, you can make sure that you never see another spot again!
Here are four simple exercises to try if you're feeling stressed by the daily grind.
Acute mountain sickness and what happens to the body with too fast an ascent. It reviews symptoms, treatment and tips for prevention.
Covers adult acne treatment for blemishes, blackheads, and whiteheads. Acne affects millions of adults. Is adult acne different from adolescent acne?
Easy healthy tips to ease a distended stomach and improve appearance.
Over the counter and perscription medicines give you relief if taken correctly. But when mixed with alcohol they can interact harmfully. Learn why!
An analysis of the myraid of effects that alcohol consupmtion has on human health, including serious liver disease.
A treatment routine you can follow everyday to reduce cellulite
Is there a link between antioxidants and aging? Most scientists still agree that taking antioxidants will help your body battle the aging process. Antioxidants are substances which prevent free radicals from breaking down the fundamental integrity of your cells.
The primary medications used to treat schizophrenic disorders are the antipsychotic medications, also called neurolepties. Learn more!
What happens during a panic or anxiety attack and how to avoid experiencing severe anxiety by making some basic lifestyle changes.
If you're dealing with any form of an anxiety disorder, there's hope for you! The worlds most prevalent mental disorder is curable!
Apple pectin diet lowers cholesterol. Apples,raw to juice, keeps good health. Researchers don't know the 'Why'. They maintain to eat or drink an apple a day.
Using your pharmacist as part of your healthcare team to advise you on drug interactions, side effects and combinations.
Almost everyone has been stricken with back pain from time to time. Learn how to relieve a backache!
What kinds of treatments can you use to get rid of back pain?
Bad breath is something we all have from time to time. Here is a few tips for dealing with what could be an embarrassing moment...
Once physical ailments are ruled out, the seriously depressed might turn to psychotherapy. But for the ordinary blues and blahs, there are proven herbal alternatives to pharmaceuticals and some of them actually work better.
Basic first aid for simple injuries that are not serious and can be treated at home.
Learn the benefits of barley grass. Barley grass, the green shoots of the barley, is reputed to be the only vegetation on earth that can supply sole nutritional support from birth to old age!
Different types of birth control pills can have different side effects. In general, the lower the amount of estrogen, the fewer side effects you can expect.
Learn about the causes and some remedies for body odor.
Your doctor may tell you that a biopsy must be done if you have a lump or some other change in your breast. Most breast lumps or other changes are not cancer, but a biopsy will let you know for sure.
How can you prevent yourself from getting breast cancer?What are the symptoms of breast cancer?
Bruises resulting from injury are caused by blood leaking out of capillaries beneath the skin’s surface. Here are some natural ways to treat them and prevent them.
Burn first aid: what are some different types of burns? How do you help them?
If you've got a cold, can your grandmother's secret recipe soup really help? What's the evidence?
There is scientific proof that certain vitamins can reduce your risk of cancer by up to 75%! Begin prevention today.
Natural foot care: the foot is the most abused part of the human body. Learn how to care for your feet to prevent and treat irritation, injury and disease.
Body odor, caused by bacteria reacting to perspiration, intestinal problems, and emotional stress, can be prevented or treated by various natural remedies.
Learn how to monitor your own blood pressure. what the readings mean, and details of the mechanics involved.
A simple explanation of cholesterol reading. Understand the risk factors involved in chlosteral blood levels that are dangerous.
Chronic back pain affects nearly all of us at some time. But why? And what can be done to help ourselves to ease the pain of this debilitating condition?
Learn how to get rid of cold sores at the first sign or trouble by using herbs and vitamins.
A total of 55,000 Americans die annually from colon cancer, most of them needlessly. Most deaths could be prevented if detected early.
This is a health article which discusses Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. The ailment effects some ten million Americans.
What your dentist didn't tell you - common, preventable dental problems that cause permanent tooth and gum damage.
Compulsive eating can be defined as someone who organizes his or her thoughts and experiences around food. Nearly all of the emotions a person experiences such as fear, guilt, anticipation and pleasure have to do with food. Learn more about this eating disorder.
Avoid bad mood swings by controlling the factors influencing them.
Techniques for coping with change like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprogramming and a balanced diet.
How to prevent and care for sensitive teeth condition so that you can enjoy eating again!
A step by step guide on coping with a terminal illness. Advice for both the cancer victim and other family members to deal with the painful life changes.
What are some common cosmetic surgeries and their side effects? What things do you need to know about getting a breast lift or a chemical peel before you go ahead and have it done?
Find out what kind of cough you have and choose the right treatment for it.
This method works 90% of the time to cure hiccups.
How to get to sleep when nothing else works.
Don't have time to go to gym? Here are 10 ways to fit daily exercise into your life without it.
Learn simple daily foot care to treat and prevent aching feet.
Possible problems that diabetics will experience due to neuropoathy and poor circulation. Why and how foot care should be done.
Learn about the risks of dietary supplements, toxicity effects, when and how to get the recommended daily allowances.
If you suffer from high blood pressure its never too late to combat it by making these simple changes to your diet.
Do you need iron supplements? How much body does your body need? Is there such a thing as getting too much iron?
Understanding how to treat a drug overdose can mean the difference in life or death for the victim. Learn what to do!
Dry skin can affect anyone. Learn how to care for and treat itchy, red, irritated skin.
Learn some tips and tricks on how to make eating more confortable for the pancreas cancer patient.
Health information such as medications, chronic health problems, allergies you should know about yourself and your family to assist medical personnel in an emergency situation.
Empty nest syndrome help and how to maintain a successful relationship with your offspring. The emphasis is on coping with the emotional emptiness from the parents' point of view.
Repetitive Stress Injuries have become commonplace in the work environment. Once you suffer an RSI, it's nearly impossible to effectively treat. Learn how to avoid such injuries here.
Ergonomics in the office: how to avoid repetitive stress injuries and other ergonomic disorders.
Excessive exercise is bad for your health. You need to know when you have exercised too much. Learn the danger signs of mental and physical overexertion.
How do you know if what the bottle of dietary supplement you're looking at really can cure your problems? What are some tips on how to know whether the claims are real?
The fat soluble vitamin groups and amounts that should be consumed daily and what food sources provide these vitamins.
Poor diet can contribute to depression. Learn the right foods to eat to make you fell psychologically healthy.
If you have a yeast infection, or candida, changing your diet may help you recover sooner
How do you find a good doctor? How do you shop for the right hospital? Find out here.
Here are some first aid tips and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.
Symptoms and first aid for insect bites and stings from scorpions, bees, wasps, velvet ants, black widow spiders, and the brown recluse spider.
The Braun Oral B flosser: It's funny-looking but effective, and it doesn't cut off the blood supply to your fingertips like floss does!
Simple and effective 6-day diet that cleanses the body of harmful toxins.
There are many substances we all eat that may increase our chance of osteoporosis. You can prevent osteoporosis by consuming less.
Health fraud is big business. Year after year people throw away a ton of money on the miracle cure, pill or salve. Know how to spot the fakes!
Many people are addicted to gambling, and their lives are falling apart as a result. Learn some vital coping strategies here.
Getting over a relationship break up: how to move on from a break up, and lessen the pain of not having your past partner anymore.
How you can start taking care of your body with these body treatments. Care for your skin, hair, and feet, without spending a lot of money.
Does anything REALLY cure that morning-after-the-night-before feeling? We have some 'expert' suggestions to help you make it through the day!
Common gum problems as well as tips on keeping your gums and teeth healthy.
Try these hair care tips to keep you hair looking fabulous. Taking care of your hair doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Learn how.
What are the causes of hair loss and how to remedy or rectify it.
Hair loss information:the different types of hair loss, their contributing factors and what treatments to do for each problem.
Learn how to curl hair using hair curlers and curling irons.
Hay Fever blights Summer for one in five of us and the number of sufferers increases all the time. Find relief with this advice.
Head lice treatment tips: when children bring home head lice it's a nightmare. It's important to remove all nits to get rid of and prevent reinfestation of head lice.
Head lice do not occur because of poor hygiene. These slow moving insects crawl from victim to potential victim, and can be prevented.
What causes headaches - and what can bring real relief. Vital facts here.
How do you properly heal a sprained ankle? Learn sprain first aid here.
Healthy aging: selective eating can delay aging for you the natural way.
Here is how to make healthy fast food choices. In today's fast-paced lifestyle, take-outs are a popular choice. Unfortunately fast foods aren't very helpful if you are on a diet.
Healthy lifestyle and weight loss guide: what types of food will aid in us having a healthy lifestyle and feeling great about ourselves.
Try these healthy snack alternatives the next time a craving leads you to your refrigerator.
How can you change your diet to prevent heart disease? What kinds of things should you eat and not eat in order to lessen your odds?
Guide to heart disease prevention. What are some non-dietary ways to lower your risk for heart disease?
There is no one symptom that can unmistakably identify heart disease but certain symptoms suggest the possibility of it's presence.
Information about heartburn and warning signs when it might not be heartburn. Includes info on both prescription and non-prescription meds.
Learn the symptoms and treatment for heat exhaustion! Since heat exhaustion, when left untreated, can lead to a heat stroke, or what is often called sunstroke, it should be considered very dangerous.
Heat related illnesses can quickly turn into potentially fatal heat stroke. Find out its symptoms, causes and learn the appropriate first aid.
Learn about burns, the best way to combat them using alternative medicine, as well as a few simple tips for immediate treatment of burns.
What are the benefits of eating more high fiber food? How can I increase my fiber intake?
What makes a good HMO? How do you know if your HMO insurance is a good for you?
Home health remedies are fresh, natural, cheap and safe to use for minor ailments like cold, flu, indigestion, sweaty feet/palms.
These are some possible remedies for minor heath problems that one may encounter at home. Listed are some possible solutions for quick relief that can be found at home or at the pharmacy at very low cost.
If you are looking for peaches and cream skin items right from the kitchen can make a homemade facial mask that will help to feed your face.
Learn how to reduce the chances of being affected by bee stings. Some simple bee sting treatments if you do get stung.
The Fat-and-Forty Syndrome, a result of deteriorating aging muscles and a slowdown of activities in midlife, can be beaten with strength exercises and proper diet.
How to look and feel better by boosting your immune system.
How to change a bandage, either sterile or non-sterile wounds
This article discusses the elements essential to get a good night's rest. It goes over room conditions that are best and behaviors that effect sleep (like alcohol). Also discussed: napping and how it effects nighttime sleep.
Get beautiful baby soft skin with this easy step-by-step skin care plan! Learn skin-care secrets that are inexpensive and bring results!
Learn how to increase your energy level. What kinds of things can you do to have more energy every day? How do you beat fatigue?
You can start to lower your cholesterol levels and lower your risk of heart disease today by following these simple guidelines.
How to prevent it,facts about acne, what causes it, effects of your diet on acne and washing techniques.
Learn how to quit smoking with your mate. One of the most difficult things for a couple to face together is giving up cigarettes at the same time. Here are some tips.
This article describes symptoms and treatments for severe heat disorders. It also discusses prevention, risk factors and diagnosis of heat related conditions.
Some helpful steps that you can take to lessen the risk from lead in your drinking water.
Revitalize your tired body by using simple things such as walking, sleep, and cucumbers!
There are few things more terrifying than being in a situation involving profuse bleeding. Learn what to do to stop severe bleeding.
Learn how to treat eye injuries! Any foreign body within the eye can cause a serious problem.
A joint dislocation can be as painful as a broken bone until it is back in place. Learn what to do when a joint is dislocated.
Find out many remedies, both traditional and natural, for treating mosquito bites.
Painkillers you buy over the counter can be safe and effective if you know how to use them properly.
What is the difference between sprains and strains and how do you treat them? Read on!
How do you use a medicine? Regardless of the type of medicine you are taking, there are important steps you should take before you begin your treatment.
How to maintain a positive and beautiful self-image in the face of a media onslaught of impossible standards of perfection. Tips to help you appreciate and enjoy the beautiful woman you are.
How to recognise and prevent hypothermia.
Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of nursemaid's elbow, a common arm injury among infants and toddlers, involving displacement of the ligament in the elbow joint.
Many supplements like Moducare, Echinacea and Beta Glucan offer a boost tot he immune system and give hope to the chronically ill as well as healthy people who wish to prevent illness.
When your wife goes into menopause, she experiences many side effects. Hormone replacement therapy may replace some of the estrogren from the ovaries decreasing fertility.
Most everyone suffers from insomnia once in a while. There is a cure to this troubling problem. Learn how.
Make an insurance medical examination easier and less stressful for life insurance applicants
Laxative use: different types, their uses and overuse.
Aviod lead poison in your home! Lead has long been recognized as a harmful environmental pollutant. Learn the dangers.
Instrutions on using raw garlic to treat infections. A comparison of raw garlic to prepackaged garlic preparations. Side effects and how to avoid them.
Making liqueurs is simple and fun!
Some simple questions everyone should ask before taking a prescription drug.
Mammograms are still the best way to detect breast cancer in it's early stages. Here's some guidelines on what age you should be testing.
A look at media influenc on eating disorders and why thinness is so sought after.
Dramatically improve your memory with these practical tips. Remember those important details without paying out big for those expensive courses. It's all here -free!
Memory tips! How much easier would your life be if you could remember evrything you needed to? Well, you can. Here are some simple, practical steps to boost your memory capacity instantly.
Try these migraine treatments. After suffering from migraines for the past 10 years, I have found the following to be the most useful for relief.
Migraine treatments: how to overcome migraine by checking the causative factors, how to cope with the pain etc.
Advice for family members with loved ones in a long term care facility. Things to look for to insure the resident is getting good quality nursing care.
The best measures people can take to prevent getting muscle cramps while playing sports or exercising.
Learn the causes and treatment of nail fungal infections. Patient adherence to the chosen treatment plan will dictate the level of success.
Cold feet, usually caused by poor blood circulation in the lower extremities, can be relieved by natural remedies such as massage, exercise, and proper nutrition.
If you need info on sun protection, find it here.
Its an exercise myth that you have to work at a very high intensity in order to get a benefit. Studies show that moderate-intensity exercise lowers the risk of heart disease just as much as high intensity exercise
People do any number of things to try and stop a nose bleed. There is a quick way that will end most common nose bleeds within a minute.
Olive oil -- an antioxidant and natural remedy that also lowers blood cholesterol, moisturizes skin, and promotes digestion.
Osteoporosis is a disease which affects the bodies' bones. You can help prevent this disease by getting enough of the proper nutrients.
Have a painful foot problem? Put up your feet and settle down for a sole-lifting read.
Middle aged persons whose work is sedentary suffer more than others from lack of exercise do. Their jobs require them to use their brains, not their muscles.
Use physiotherapy treatment to alleviate sinusitis Many people today suffer from acute sinusitis, usually followed by respiratory infections such as a cold. You don't have to suffer.
Keeping picnic food safe is important to the health of your family. Food borne illnesses can be deadly. Know how to avoid them.
There are plenty of misconceptions about poison ivy, how it spreads, and what will cure it. This article will explain what causes the rash and will debunk many of the mythical 'cures' for it.
Positive self talk makes the difference between starting on the right foot or from the wrong side of the bed. These methods suggest ways to boost mental wellness so that the day that follows the morning leads to a lifestyle of positive living.
Why infants should sleep on their back to prevent sudden infant death syndrome.
Every kitchen has the risk of transmitting foodborne illnesses. Know the preventive measures to safeguard against foodborne diseases.
A few different ways to prevent motion sickness.
What should you avoid before you go take a prostate cancer test? Why?
Learn prevention and treatment of highly poisonous rattlesnake bites. Twelve of almost 6000 victims of snake bite die each year. Don't become a statistic.
The health benefits of red wine are numerous. What red wine can do to your body to help improve your health. Read why should you drink a glass of red wine every day.
Dust mites are present in homes and multiplying by the millions.Good house-keeping promotes healthy living.Stop your runny nose and watery eyes problems.
Reducing salt intake is a healthy idea! Americans use too much salt, this is a wake up call to think about what we are doing to ourselves. Food has wonderful flavor without so much salt which we add to excess.
Relax and say Ahhhhh! An observation of the benefits of relaxation to lower stress, blood pressure, and promote sleep. Takes a look at how to relax both alone, and with someone, as well as exploring some of the "tools of the trade".
Rheumatoid arthritis can be a painful, debilitating disease. New, alternative treatments however, are showing promise in reducing pain and inflammation.
Learn to care for your scalp. Itching, redness and scaling could indicate a scalp condition.
How-to perform a self breast examination in your home.
Is self esteem and your body image a negative subject for you? Here are ten steps to take towards making yourself feel better about your body.
Self-tanners are a safe alternative to the dangers of sun-worshiping. Applying self-tanners to achieve a natural looking tan is a lot easier than you think.
Here are some skin cancer prevention tips. Plus, learn how to diagnos melanomas.
Does chocolate really lead to acne? We'll debunk common skin myths and get you on the right path to caring for you face, no matter what it's skin type.
Use these skin care tips stay as young looking as possible for as long as possible.
Great skin care tips! How can you avoid having your skin show its true age?
A senior-specific discussion of sleep disorders among the elderly and new ways to address the problem.
Information about sleep and how much is needed, including the risks of poor sleep, how to get better sleep, and other sleep problems.
Snoring can drive others in the household to distraction. But it may also be indicative of more serious problems. Get the facts on snoring and learn how to bring relief to your family. Here are some remedies.
Learn to relax your jaw and neck in a few minutes for greater ease in all you do.
Lemon -- a natural sore throat remedy also provides Vitamin C, and relieves digestive disorders, joint pains, fever,and lesions.
Staying in shape with an injury isn't impossible. There are many safe activities you can do while injured.
What do your sleeping habits have to do with stress? Find out how to cope with stress by getting proper sleep.
Summer safety tips: Summer presents dangers, just as every other season does. Being aware can mean the difference between life and death.
Dehydration of the body can be a very dangerous illness. Learn how to recognize the symptoms and treat dehydration.
What are the symptoms of dehydration? In the summertime, with the temperature going up we need more water. Often the symptoms of dehydration go neglected or undetected.
Tanning beds can be dangerous if you use them unwisely. But, they can also be beneficial if used properly. In order to use a tanning bed safely, follow these guidelines.
Having a great tan is very important to a lot of people. There is, however, no reason that it be dangerous.
Tanning bed safety requires a few rules to follow when using tanning beds so that your visit will be a safe one.
Caring for your teeth can help to prevent the damaging effects of gum and tooth disease. Over 85-percent of the world's population suffers from some form of dental disease. Learn to prevent it.
Tennis Elbow is a form of tendonitis but is more than tendonitis because it affects muscles and tissues besides the tendons. There is no cure, so prevention and treatment are important.
Learn an easy self exam method for finding testicular cancer. Checking yourself once a month for testicular cancer can decrease your odds of dying from the disease by more than 80%.
The Atkins diet danger! Learn why this famous low or no carbohydrate diet is unhealthy. Mentions harmful side effects of the diet.
The cases and cures of urinary infections as well as common triggers, prevention tactics and treatment are discussed in this article.
Loss and grief of a loved one can be a traumatic event that can take its toll on one's immune system. Anyone who has suffered a death of someone close to them can take steps to stay healthy as they grieve.
Learn the many benefits of drinking water and advice on including more water in your daily diet.
Syphilis has affected the history of mankind. Discover the history of syphilis and how it was treated.
The medical effects of garlic are numerous. Take garlic as a natural drug against aging, heart diseases, stomach cancer and bacteria. Find out more in this article.
The American Hospital Association has created a patient's bill of rights to help make your hospital care as good as possible. Here is what the bill of rights includes.
What is tick lyme disease? How can you keep yourself from getting a tick-borne disease?
Getting a tongue piercing can be a cool experince, but here is some information that will let you know what to expect and what to look for to be safe!
Learn how to treat a bite or sting! When an insect bites or stings the harm that is done can vary.
Find out if your indigestion is in fact a stomach ulcer and, if it is the treatment and preventative measures at your disposal.
Covers a variety of treatments for warts, including natural and over-the-counter remedies.
Learn the different types of yoga mats and why you need one.
Painful hair removal can be a thing of the past. New and improved forms of waxing, shaving and bleaching can make unsightly hair disappear.
Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory drug which can be used to heal inflammation within the brain, fight heart disease and relieve arthritis.
Varicose veins may be hereditary. Obesity is a major risk factor for Varicose veins as are age and being required to stand for long periods. Varicose veins can be surgically removed or you need to keep your feet up while you relax.
There are two kinds of cough medicines and you need to be sure you are using the right remedy with appropriate additional ingredients.
Smoking has been proven to be a primary cause of vocal dysfunction. The effects smoking can have on the vocal chords and other organs related to speech can be devestating.
Warts are a type of skin condition, not caused by toads or frogs, but a virus.
Many ways to quit smoking cigarettes by taking various realistic and economic steps to quit.
Copy cat versions of well known and widely used brand name products that are less expensive are known a generic drugs.
Some 15 to 20% of Americans experience an allergic reaction to histimine that causes hives. Some herbal treatments can bring relief.
Constipation is passage of small amounts of hard, dry bowel movements, usually fewer than three times a week. People who are constipated may find it difficult and painful to have a bowel movement.
Calcium is said to be important. What does it do for us and why do we need it? What foods provide our daily need of calcium?
Hyperhidrosis is the result of excessive sweating and the symptoms are sweaty, clammy hands.
Female menopause, or The Change, marks the end of childbearing. As the ovaries decrease women's fertility, hormone replacement therapy may alleviate some accompanying discomfort. Learn more.
Here is some helpful advice for dealing with the aftermath of your loved one's laryngectomy.
a checklist of things to remember and do after you are involved in a automobile accident
What kinds of things do you need to look for on your hospital bill? What should you do if you're not satisfied with your bill?
Detailed workout schedule to help you lose fat by using free weights and machines to build muscle and speed up your metabolism.
Workstation ergonomics: "Healthy Computing" provides a collection of helpful hints on how to avoid repetitive stress injuries and other ergonomic disorders.
The proper technique of bandaging wounds, scrapes and other minor injuries is very important to keep the area safe from infection. Learn how!