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How to get your barbeque grill ready for the summer cooking season including cleaning, refurbishing, safety and health tips.
Knowing how to beat egg whites properly is a necessary cooking skill that many never master. Here's a short course on how to do it.
Many people today are becoming aware of the benefit of a vegetarian diet. It is important not to be intimidated by the change, and to realize that one may make a gradual shift to a vegetarian diet.
How to order while eating out, and how to cook for a vegetarian.
Food is an essential element for survival, but those who find their budgets limited or incomes drastically reduced often find that starvation is a real possibility, unless they can find sources of healthy food for little or no money.
Tips on buying the ripest fruit. When you're shopping for the perfect melon, what should you look for? What about apples, apricots, avacados, bananas, and other fruits? Should you thump them? What colors should they be?
Nonstick cookware is indispensable in your kitchen - but only when it stays nonstick. Here's what you need to know.
Find out ways to make campfire cookouts fun and safe for everyone, plus get three great recipes to try at your next outdoor meal.
The key steps to canning fruit and producing a successful batch of homemade jellies, jams or preserves.
What are the best ways to carve a turkey? How do you do it? How do you carve the different parts of the turkey for best results?
During the summer, backyard barbecuers everywhere will fire up their charcoal grills and burn many pounds of meat and thousands of hotdogs to a smoldering crisp. Here's five common barbecuing mistakes, and how to prevent them.
Here's five common barbeque mistakes, and how to prevent them.
Mmmm... a delicious chocolate eclair cake recipe!
Some delicious recipes which use chocolate as the main ingredient
If you're looking for that one perfect knife, you can't beat a Chef's Knife. Here's how to choose a good one.
Confused by the plethora of olive oils lined up on grocery store shelves? Which one is the best olive oil for the dish you're preparing?
How to brew a cup of coffee that is full of flavor, aroma,reminiscent of sidewalk cafes in Paris and provides you with the energy burst you need.
Coffee grinding tips: Brewing the perfect cup of coffee involves the perfect grind. How you grind your coffee depends on your brewing method.
Keep the hunger away all day with this best ever recipe for a traditional English breakfast.
Cokking artichokes can be intimidating if you do not know how to prepare them, but they are simple and delicious when you do!
Learn how to cook buffalo. Surprisingly, buffalo meat is lower in fat and cholesterol than red meat, chicken and even turkey.
Eating healthy means including fish in your diet at least once a week. In this article, we will introduce and explore the basic,various methods of baking, sauteing, frying, grilling, and poaching fish.
Planing a long drive? What do you think about having your car do the cooking for you? Using your car as an oven is a unique way to get the most out of a gallon of gas.
Cajun boiled shrimp is a perennial seafood favorite, but beginning cooks often overcook the shrimp or fail to season it properly. Here's an authentic Cajun boiled shrimp recipe and tips on how to boil shrimp perfectly every time.
Trout is low in fast and easy to cook. Try these heart healthy recipes for perfect fish every time.
My dishes always tasted and looked gray, even with the best ingredients. I've learned a trick to cook vegetables so you taste their unique flavors.
Cooking with frah herbs is a simple way to make anordinary dish extraordinary. It doesn't take advanced culinary skills to experiment with herbs. It just takes a desire to try something new. The results are tasty and impressive.
Cooking with garlic: how to keep it from overpowering your food, how to prepare it for cooking, and how to store it.  
Learn the art of cooking with herbs! Special flavors are given to foods using leaves, seeds and even the flowers of herbs.
Matching herbs and spices with the foods they best compliment.
Healthy cooking with tofu! Made from soybeans, tofu is high in protein and is a healthy alternative for meats, which are high in fat and cholesterol.
The classic Reuben sandwich, a combination of corned beef, swiss cheese and sauerkraut on grilled rye bread, is still the most popular item on a delicatessen's menu. Here's how to create the perfect Reuben at home.
A Crock Pot is a time-saving and energy-saving kitchen appliance. It can cook a variety of one-dish meals that you and your fmaily will enjoy!
Learn how to defrost foods safely, while maximizing and preserving the flavour, texture and juiciness of meats, fruits, vegetables and baked goods.
Easy microwave cooking tips: learn the best way to cook foods in the microwave. Not all foods are created equal, and they shouldn't all be treated equally in the microwave.
Quick and easy sweet and sour sauce can cover either pork or chicken.
Never be embarrassed again in a seafood restaurant! Learn the correct etiquette involved in eating seafood, with this comprehensive guide.
Fast food companies and restaurants use tricks and secrets to improve food quality or increase productivity. These tricks can work in a home kitchen as well.
Here are five vegetarian alternative meat substitutes that even non vegetarians will enjoy.
Food processor cooking! You just can't be without a food processor if you like to cook from scratch!
Hints and Tips on summer grilling; includes a few recipes
These grilled sandwiches are delicious alternatives filled with pears, mustard, apples and cheeses in rolls and sandwiches - great for a special treat or bagged lunches.
Tried and true low fat cooking tips that will fool the most discriminatory of eaters! Learn how to cook healthy and flavorful foods with the following low-fat substitutions for common high-fat ingredients.
Great gilling tips and hints for a delightful barbeque with friends and family.
Try these creative ground baked fish recipes!
A list of common herbs and spices and the foods they compliment. Learn how to spice up your cooking with easy to use tips.
Make your own lager at home with this homebrew recipe!
Homemade candy recipes! The candy thermometer is a candy makers best friend when it comes to making these home made treats. Learn to make candy!
Homemade cottage cheese is simple to make and a delight to the taste buds. Learn to make your own cottage cheese!
Try this deliciously tempting recipe for hot onion appetizers!
Learn all about how to buy, cook and eat lobster! To a lobster lover even the mention of delicacy dipped in melted butter will have a mouth watering effect.
Learn the art of sweetening fruits, crepes, meats, poultry , then lacing them with liquor to set them aflame! Flambe!
Learn how to grow your own grapes.
If you are entertaining this summer, here are some tips to host a great summer BBQ.
Making a grilled cheese sandwich isnt as hard as it seems. Use this recipes steps in making one to save you cheese, burned bread , and headaches too.
Learn how to make a pinata! Few items will brighten a party like a pinata. Delight your children by making a pinata from scratch!
A new twist: barbecued meatloaf
Learn how to turn plump, juicy blackberries you can pick from most woodlands into delicious homemade jelly.
Serving your family homemade cheese without preservatives is a healthful alternative, not to mention the fun you will have making it yourself.
Why buy cheese puffs when you can learn to make them.
Kids love this original fresh fruit dip. It is terrific with fruit or crackers.
How to make maple syrup: detailed instructions on tapping sap from a maple tree.
Learn how to make some of the most popular and best tasting mixed drinks.
Ever wonder how to make Sweet and Sour Chicken well here is an easy recipe.
What tools do you need in order to make the perfect espresso at home? How do you do it? What are some helpful hints that will cause you to never need to go to the coffee shop for your espresso ever again?
Learn how to peel shrimp with ease. Boiled or uncooked, if you're going to eat shrimp, sooner or later you need to know the best way to peel them.
An elegant dessert party is a fun, sinfully delicious opportunity to show off your hosting talents. Ideas for invitations, desserts, presentation and enhancing party atmosphere.
How to select avocados. How do you prepare them? How to store avocados.
Learn how to cook rice. Rice is a perfect compliment to many recipes and especially when it is properly cooked until it is plump tender and flaky.
If you can boil water, you can steam vegetables. Steaming gives you more nutrients and virtually no cleanup.
Professional barkeep or avid party thrower. Learn the basics you should have on hand to stock your bar and satisfy your guests.
High tea can offer a sophisticated alternative to cocktails or coffee. Here are some tips about what to serve.
No matter what type of bread was made,there are eight basic steps to produce it using a method known as industrial scale.
Learn to prepare fresh lettuce and the trick to keeping it fresh to improve its shelf life and convenience.
Quick and easy recipes for kids of all ages.
Choosing a good cookware is not only a personal choice, but this preference is based on many factors, such as the type of cooking you do, the size of your family and your physical strength. Here's a list of basis range-top cookware sufficient for a family of two or three.
How to cook when there's nothing in the kitchen to eat.
Simple ideas on how to put recipes together with what you have in your pantry. Plus recipes for super easy skillet dinners that have countless variarious for other meals.
Make your own herbal coffee beverage and avoid real coffee's harmful effects.
Making your own baby food will ensure that what your child is eating is fresh, nutritious and free of additives.
Making bread using a food processor is easy and worth the effort. Learn how!
Making butter using items bought at the market is easier than you think!
Making sushi rolls: Learn about sushi and try making your own.
Maple syrup recipes: Learn how to turn sap from trees and process it into syrup.
An easy mexican salsa recipe.
How to make a tasty (and healthy) baked potato using a microwave
This easy to make steamed pudding recipe combines oranges and cake, sweetened with honey.
Professional cooking tips: Emergency pie recipes. How to save a sauce or gravy from being a complete flop. How to make a professional quality pie or gravy.
Simple ideas for quantity cooking to cut time in the kitchen by cooking two meals at once.
A brief description of various quick and easy cooking ideas one can use to minimise the time spent in the kitchen after working hours.
Learn how coffee beans are roasted to get their rich aroma and flavor.
This article gives tips for safe charcoal grilling. Safety suggestions for barbecue. Using charcoal grills outdoors.
These easy to make kebabs recipe combines chicken, peppers and red onion in a low calorie satay sauce made of peanuts and mango chutney.
Save 40% or more on your weekly grocery bill.
Everything you always wanted to know about serving wine but were afraid to ask. A guide for service professionals who want to impress the boss and increase their gratutities.
A spicy spaghetti recipe made with chicken and red peppers.
A quick how-to for tomato lovers, cooks and those gardeners who've been too successful with their tomato crop.
These warming English Christmas pies combine mincemeat fermented in brandy in a light pastry and served with Brandy Butter.
Vinegar is a common household item with many applications, ranging from health and first aid to environmentally and chemically safe cleaning solutions.
Wouldn't it be great to come home from work and pop a homecooked meal from the freezer into the oven that has already been cooked? This article will describe how to cook three dinners in less than an hour.
There are nutrition statements on foods that are designed for quick and easy analysis of nutrition analysis here is what they mean.
There's more to an electric wok than meets the eye. Move over stir fries! Here come roasts, casseroles, fondues, steamed foods and more!
People who love venison will enjoy this recipe for venison jerky.
Spice up your toast with this traditional Welsh rarebit recipe.
Mouth watering serving ideas for white rice. From basic uses to the extraordinary! Ten delicious ways to serve this traditional Spanish favorite.
Spice up your everyday potatoes with this wine potato recipe!