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Country star Tracy Lee Lawrence was born on January 28, 1968 in Atlanta, Texas but raised in Foreman, Arkansas. He began singing and writing songs at an early age and played in his first band at age 16. After attending college, in 1990 he went to Nashville, where he worked as a telemarketer and ironworker. While looking for his big break, he began participating in talent contests and made enough from his winnings (he always took first or second place) to live on, and soon landed a deal with Atlantic Records.

On May 31, 1991, he was celebrating the album's release with his former girlfriend. As he walked her to the hotel door, three gun-toting youths robbed them and tried to force the two into the woman's room. Fearing that his friend would be raped, Tracy resisted and was shot four
times while she escaped. Two of the shots nicked him, but a third had to be surgically removed from his knee and the fourth remained deeply embedded in his pelvis, dangerously close to a major artery. Fortunately, he recovered quickly and performed benefit shows to help with his tremendous medical bills and ensuing physical therapy. His debut single, "Sticks and Stones," made it to number one on the strength of the publicity surrounding the shooting, and began a streak of Top 10 singles. His second album, Alibis, went gold 17 days after its release and soon went platinum. The record spawned three straight number one singles -- "Alibis," "Can't Break It To My Heart," and "My Second Home."

"I see it now" was released in 1994, and like its predecessors, was a platinum success. "Live and Unplugged" was released in 1995 and was followed by "Time Marches on" in 1996. He returned in 1997 with "The Coast is Clear" and "Lessons Learned" appeared three years later.