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Pop-country singer-songwriter Pam Tillis was born in Plant City, Florida in 1957, the daughter of famed country star Mel Tillis. She grew up in Nashville where she joined the Grand Ole Opry at age 8 and began playing guitar at age 12. Like many children of famous fathers, Pam Tillis
was forced to overcome several obstacles to establish herself as an individual artist and not simply the daughter of country vocalist Mel Tillis. Eventually she earned her own identity, which led to a string of country hits in the early '90s.

Despite a natural affinity for country music, she also found herself drawn to other genres. She was a rebellious teen, partying too hard and running wild. At the age of 16, she suffered a nearly fatal car crash that left her face badly shattered, forcing her to undergo painful reconstructive surgery for the next five years. In 1976, she dropped out of school to become a songwriter, taking a job at her father's Sawgrass Music publishing house. Barbara Fairchild recorded one of her early tunes, "I'll Meet You on the Other Side of Morning."

Tillis launched a professional solo career in the 1980's, though she concentrated on performing in Las Vegas rather than scoring radio hits, eventually drifting from rock-country to pop. Tillis made her own recording debut in 1983, releasing "Beyond the Doll of Cutey." Her 1991 debut album, "Put Yourself in My Place" contained the Top 10 hits "Don't Tell Me What to Do" and "Maybe It Was Memphis," while her 1993 follow-up "Homeward Looking Angel" went gold. 1994's "Sweetheart's Dance", which drew from rock, Tejano, and pop, reached the country Top 10. "All of This Love" followed in 1995.