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Martin Short was born March 26, 1950 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. After graduating from high school, he worked his way through college. He graduated from McMaster University with a degree in social work. He was always considered to be a comedian and upon graduating from college, he appeared in Canadian stage productions. He also appeared on Broadway with his first play being Neil Simon’s "The Good-bye Girl." From stage, Martin turned to other roles. He started out with small acting roles appearing on American television. He appeared in two series, The Associates and I'm a Big Girl Now.

In 1982, his big break came when he was appearing on SCTV: Network 90. This was the American version of the Canadian comedy series SCTV.

In 1983, Martin Short returned to Canada to appear in the original SCTV. In 1984, he appeared on Saturday Night Live and was there until 1985. His talents were noticed and Short was recruited to make his film debut in the movie "Three Amigos" which also starred Steve Martin and Chevy Chase. Since then, he has appeared in a lot of films and has his own talk show. He plays character roles very well in the United States and in Canada.

Between films and stage productions, Martin has written and produced three comedy specials: "Martin Short's Concert for the North Americas," "I, Martin Short Goes Hollywood," and the third was "The Show Formerly Known as the Martin Short Show." He has won awards for all three specials.

Martin Short’s name and face are the most recognized in comedy.