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Loretta Lynn, born in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky in 1934, is one of eight daughters of an impoverished coal miner. Lynn married at age 13, moved to Washington State, and had
four children in her first four years of marriage. She married Moony Lynn and had her first child at 14. She became a grandmother at the age of 32. Besides taking care of the kids, taking in others' laundry, and picking strawberries with the migrant workers, Loretta began writing songs on her guitar. Her husband encouraged her to
go public, and at age 18 Lynn cut a record for California Zero Label. "Honky Tonk Girl" became number fourteen on the country and western charts.

Lynn appeared on Grand Ole Opry in 1960. An appearance with Buck Owens led to a contract with Decca, where she made over thirty albums over a twenty year span. "Success"
was the title of her first Decca hit and it reached number 6 in the country western charts. Since that she has had sixteen number one country western hits.

In 1976 Lynn wrote her autobiography called Coal Miner's Daughter. It became one of the ten best selling books of that year. In 1980 a movie based on Lynn’s autobiography starring Sissy Spaceck was released.

Lynn has had guest appearances on Fantasy Island, Dukes of Hazards, and the Muppet Show. She remains one of Country Western's most popular and well loved stars.