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Jesse Ventura is Minnesota’s 38th governor. He was born July 15, 1941 in South Minneapolis, Minnesota to George and Bernice Janos. His given name is John Janos. After high school graduation in 1969, Ventura joined the Navy and was trained as a SEAL. He served in the Navy for six years and served in Vietnam. After his honorable discharge from the Navy in 1973, Jesse attended North Hennepin Community College on the GI bill.

Ventura had successful career as a professional wrestler for eleven years. In 1984, he retired from wrestling and became an actor. Jesse starred in several films including Predator, with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Later he became a radio talk show host.

Jesse married his wife Terry in 1976. She operates a riding school at their Maple Grove horse farm. The Venturas have two children. Tyrel was born in 1979 and Jade was born in 1983.

In 1990, Ventura ran for Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota's sixth largest city. He was very concerned about saving the area's wetlands and based his campaign on this issue. He served as Mayor until 1995, championing crime reduction.

Shocking the political establishment, Ventura defeated Attorney General Hubert H. (Skip) Humphrey III and St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman in 1998, to claim his win as the only Reform Party candidate to ever win the office of Minnesota Governor. His running mate, Mae Schunk, a teacher of 36 years, helped him gain the support of thousands of new voters across the state . Ventura promised to keep new voters engaged in the political process by maintaining “common sense policies” that reduce reliance on government. Jesse is also a strong proponent of public education.

Ventura’s stand on crime: until a sentence of life in prison actually means life in prison without possibility of parole, the death penalty should not be eliminated. His stand on corporate welfare: the government should develop a philosophy of acting in the best interest of the State of Minnesota, not what is best for the pocketbooks of a few individuals. His stand on drugs: medical use of marijuana for medical use would ease many individuals' intractable pain.