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Girolamo Cardano is by far one of the most interesting persons to have lived in the last millenium. He was terribly abused as a child. He was the result of an abortion attempt that failed. From these humble and sad beginnings grew a formidable scholar and world-renowned surgeon, just to name a few of his many specialties. His father was an attorney who was known to associate with top scientists and artists of the day. He was sought by royalty for his expertise. Despite his success, family disgrace quickly destroyed what so many years of hard work had achieved. Like during his sad youth, he left this world much the same way. In the same way that he had spent his childhood- sad and alone.

I. Girolamo Cardano, also referred to as Jerome Cardan, and Gerolamo Cardano, was born in Pavia, Italy on September 24, 1501. He died in Rome, Italy on September 21, 1576 by his own hand.

II. After a torturous childhood filled with shame and abuse, Cardano escaped to the University of Pavia, where he received a BA. Later he received a Doctorate at the University of Padua.

III. Cardano became a skilled doctor, whose name is often included with other renowned physicians such as Hippocrates, Galen, and many others.

IV. Cardano was an accomplished physician, a notable astrologer, an expert mathematician, and an accomplished gambler.

V. Cardan also is also credited with indicating that the blind should be taught by the sense of touch and the deaf taught by the use of signs.

VI. Cardano was a prolific writer of hundreds of books about many subjects
which include: mathematics, medicine, astronomy, anatomy, alchemy, physics, probability, gambling, and even himself.

VII. Through palmistry and geomancy, he was the first to reveal that human
character had a connection to handwriting and physiognomy.

VIII. Cardan's famous work on probability can be found within Liber De Ludoaleae, where he gave future mathematicians the foundation on which to construct the laws of probability.

IX. Although gambling made him the most profit, Cardano's primary means of
support was a combination of the following: medicine, academia, patronage, writing, and gambling.

X. Cardano was sought by royalty for his medical expertise and his innovative healing techniques.

XI. He lived out his days as an astrologer to the Pope until he took his own life. He had enjoyed a fruitful career until the crimes of his children made him an outcast.

XII. Through my research, I have learned that Girolamo Cardano was an ingenious, creative man who was full of ideas that helped shape the future. He was, by far, the most interesting historical figure whom I've ever researched.