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Harlean Carpenter was born on March 3, 1911, in Kansas City, Missouri. At sixteen years of age, she ran away from home to get married.

After her marriage ended, Miss Carpenter went to Hollywood and worked as a film extra. She changed her name to Jean Harlow and in 1928, she made her first movie "Moran of the Marines." She worked other small parts until Howard Hughes saw her and wanted Miss Harlow for his movie "Hell’s Angels." He saw her potential as an actress and signed her to be the star in his film, which turned out to be a hit with the American public.

MGM then contracted her and she acted opposite Clark Gable in five films. They were a hot couple on screen and people flocked to see their movies. By now, Harlow was dubbed the Hollywood sex goddess as well as the blonde bombshell. She was a natural platinum blonde and after she hit the big screen in the 1930s with her unique looks, women and actresses were dying their hair to match hers. The "bad" girl in movies was no longer a dark headed woman – she was now blonde. Jean Harlow added a new dimension to movies as well as a healthy sex appeal. People found it quite shocking yet they liked it at the same time. No matter what types of roles she played, all of her movies were a sensational hit.

At age twenty-six, Jean Harlow died suddenly of ureic poisoning on June 7, 1937 the same year she was filming the movie "Saratoga." The last few scenes were shot by another actress and Miss Harlow’s fans saw this movie as a tribute to this great actress.

Since her death, her movies still hold people’s interest. Jean Harlow’s vibrant spirit still shines through when you watch her movies.