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Should a woman leave her boyfriend with whom she bought a house? Should a 13-year-old boy give a Father's Day gift to a father who never visits? Should a woman leave a church she is an organist at to please her parents?

Dr. Laura Schlessinger answers those type of questions every day her daily radio show, which has 18 million listners. During a typical three hour program 60,000 people try to call in for advice. Her syndicated column is in more than 50 newspapers. She has written three best-sellers.

Known for her family values, she attacks values she believes harm the family: day care; abortion; premarital sex; divorce; homosexuality.

She is loved by millions for her stands and aatacked by others. This fall her daily television show will debut. One major advertiser withdrew support,however,because of her strong stance against homosexuality.

"The experience of becoming a mother created in me a desire to discover a context for the new and very deep feelings I had for my son," said Dr. Schlessinger, a Jewish lady in an interview in Parade magazine. Her father was Jewish and she said she found a deep kinship with Judiasm, and her whole family has converted.

One of her best-sellers is about the importance of the Ten Commandments in society.

She started giving advice on KFI-AM radio in Los Angeles in 1990. Dr. Laura, who has a B.S. in Biology and a PhD. from the Physiology Department of the Medical School of Columbia University in New York, found giving advice on the radio took up a good deal of her time. She gave up private practice of marriage and family therapy in 1993. The Dr. Laura show was syndicated nationwide in 1994. She is trusted by most of her callers, but she minces no words in standing up for what she believes. Besides day care, abortion and premarital sex she rips into all self-centerdness.

A caller who said he was abused as a child said he had a sex addiction problem.

"No, you have a character problem," she answered, saying he was responsible for his present actions no matter what happened when he was younger.

A woman who bought a house with her boyfriend says she has learned from listening to Dr. Laura that was a mistake. She said she would like to leave him, because the relationship is not the best and has the potential for violence. She isn't sure she can financially afford to leave, however.

"You've turned my life completely around," she told Dr. Schlessinger.

"Up to now you've been acting stupid," Dr. Laura told her. She added that she should leave the man immediately.

A 13-year-old boy who only sees his father about once every six months wants to know if he should give the absentee parent a gift or card for Father's Day.

Dr. Schlessinger said, yes, a card that says "I wish you were here ....sometime."

When the boy protests his father might get angry, she responds, "So what, are you going to see him less than you do?"

A woman who has been a member of a church for 42 years and is the organist there wants to know if she should leave to please her parents. She explains the church has a new minister who has a temper, and her parents, who are in their 70's have left.

"You're a part of a community and the community has a problem," says Dr. Laura. She said the woman should stay and try to help rather than leave to please her parents.

Dr. Laura uses strong terms like bum, slut and bimbo on her show. Through it all she is not only loved by millions of listeners but is praised and supported for her stands by Christian leaders. Many of her listeners say she is helping restore decency to a corrup world.

When she had to cancel a speaking engagement because of threats against her, Christian leader Dr. James Dobson spoke in her place. He told listeners to his daily radio show, Focus on the Family , to pray for her.

Dr. Laura never tells anyone to do anything she believes will hurt a family. A single mother of two who is pregnant and on welfare asks if she should give up the babies when they are born for adoption. No, says Dr. Laura and suggests the woman call a charity for help.

When a woman wants to know if it would be o.k. to seduce a co-worker from his fiance, Dr. Laura asks what ethical code would justify that.

While many of the issues on the Dr. Laura show are serious, such as whether potential parents should give birth to a baby with Down syndrome, she also answers questions such as should a father tell his son the truth about Santa Claus.

She practice what she preaches at home. She works only during school hours so she can be when her son gets home. She took three years off to raise him.

She often says on her show that she is most proud that, "I am my kids' mom."