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Celebrities are not really the untouchables that they are portrayed as in the media. They're real people, just like you and me. They lead real lives and are basically pretty normal. To be able to meet them you have to follow a few simple tools.
The first issue is that you cannot act crazy or rush them when you see them or know they are around. If they have security and they notice that you are acting strange, they will most likely keep you away from the stars. If you nonchalantly approach them and engage in casual conversation, they're most often much nicer than you'd think. Life for them gets pretty lonely as everyone treats them differently, so they're often happy for normal conversation.
If you're at a concert or a show and are trying to get backstage, the key is to make your plan and act quickly. Security guards easily pick out people who are lingering around entrances and doors and will most likely kick them out. Be confident! Act like you're supposed to be there! If you look nervous or unsure about what you're doing, you're sure to get questioned. As silly as it sounds, many times if you can look confident enough, you can walk right past security guards and they wont even notice. If that doesn't work, try talking with the security guards. Don't flirt too much or act stupid, they've seen that act a million times. Also, dont make up a stupid story about your sick cousin who needs an autograph, they've also heard all of those stories. Be direct and talk frankly with them about how to get to meet the stars. Even if you don't get to go backstage right then, you will many times find out important information about where they may be staying or even what doors to catch them at as they leave. Security guards have a tendency to drop subtle hints, but you have to be listening closely and perceptively to what they are saying.
Most of all you have to be persistent. If the person you want to meet is in town, seek them out. Don't be afraid to stay at their hotel, but don't be obvious or else you could find yourself in some serious trouble with security or even the police.
The best advice I can give is to be discreet, but persistent! Good luck!