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Sean Connery was the first James Bond. Other actors up until Pierce Brosnan had difficulty following in his footsteps successfully. While Sean Connery is synonymous with his role as the British secret agent, he has made over 60 movies in his lifetime.

Thomas Sean Connery was born on August 25, 1930 in Fountainbridge, Scotland and was the oldest child of two boys. While he was born into a financially poor family, this did not stop him from achieving his goals. Over the years, he worked at odd jobs, was employed by the Royal Navy, and was a model. Not until he acted in a play on stage did he find his passion as an actor. He is now considered an international superstar.

While he was riding on top of the box office hits in his role as James Bond, that hasn’t always been the situation for Sean Connery. He was in demand to make movies even after Cubby Broccoli thought him too old to continue playing the role of James Bond. There have been a few box office flops in his movie making career but he seems to be back on top once again at the box office with high ratings.

Aside from acting, Sean Connery is politically involved in the Scottish National Party, which has cost him a knighthood, but he is not afraid to voice his opinions or act on what he believes in.

He has pursued his life-long dream to again reside in Scotland. He has purchased a home there, as well as retaining his house in the United States. He also enjoys his grandchildren as well as being a semi-retired actor.