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Alan jackson's life, times, and his music.
Amy Tan, author, was born to Chinese immigrants in Oakland, California. Her fathre came to American in 1947, and her mother immigrated in 1949.
What are the risks involved with getting a breast implant? Are they as dangerous as they once were?
Audrey Hepburn dazzled us with her beauty and charm in all of her films. Crusading for UNICEF was important to her as was her own children.
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Ayrton Senna is, perhaps, the greatest racing driver ever to have walked the planet. He was certainly the best qualifier of all time in Formula One racing, obtaining twice as many poles as the great Alain Prost.
A biography of baseball player Babe Ruth who became an American folk hero.
Barbra Streisand has gone from superstar to Mrs. James Brolin. She has had a very full career for over fifty years.
Bette Davis gave superb performances in all of her roles. This formidable star entertained us for many years in films, television and on stage.
When life threw Bill Murray a curve ball on the road to doctorhood, he chose the path that took him to where he is today.
Girolamo Cardano was an Italian mathematician, doctor, astrologer, and prolific writer who lived in the sixteenth century. This article will outline his successful accomplishments- his career and his painful childhood.
Actress Brigette Bardot was a controversial star. Her uninhibited nature and acting talent boosted her film career from being an unknown to being a star.
Learn about Charlie Chaplin, who, through his portrayal of 'The Tramp' became the undisputed king of silent comedy in the twentieth century.
Cher grew up in a poor family. Once she met Sonny Bono, her life was never the same. Her singing career launched her to stardom. Learn more about her life.
A biography about Christiaan Barnard, the first surgeon to perfom a heart transplant.
Dennis Quaid is synonymous with the word versatile. His talents have yet to be tapped into for the acting sensation that he is.
Biography on Desi Arnaz, who was married to Lucille Ball and starred as "Ricky Ricardo" in the hit 1950's series "I Love Lucy."
A breif biography of Dolly Parton's life, times, music, and how she got where she is today.
Dr. Laura Schlessinger answers dificult questions every day. Known for her family values, she attacks values she believes harm the family: day care; abortion; premarital sex; divorce; homosexuality. Learn more about her!
Tim Burton's biopic 'Ed Wood' presented would-be director/writer Ed Wood as a noble failure and cult hero, but the real Ed Wood's life was filled with failure and tragedy.
A brief biography of a lawyer by the name of Edward Clark, who created an ingenious solution which rewarded each patent holder according to his contribution.
Elizabeth Taylor is a living legend who crusades for research funds for AIDS. This outstanding actress is a loyal friend to those she loves.
Actor and dancer Fred Astaire brought us many hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Dancing with Ginger Rogers skyrocketed his career.
Gary Cooper was the American Hero and his tall lanky build endeared himself to us on the silver screen.
Actor Gene Hackman is a versatile actor. He has given us many hours of action, adventure and comedy. "Bonnie and Clyde" launched his career.
Gene Kelly danced his way into our lives in many of the musicals of the 1950s. He was a dance legend and will be missed. Learn about the life of this prolific actor.
Learn about the life of George Gershwin, a truly great jazz composer who, despite his premature death, captivated many a Broadway audience.
Gilda Radner is best known to us in her roles on Saturday Night Live. She had a successful acting career before she died of cancer.
Not only was Ginger Rogers half of the most famous dance team in Hollywood history, she was a well-respected dramatic actress as well.
Ginger Rogers entertained and danced her way into the hearts of the American people. She was an excellent role model for women of all ages.
The music of Italian composer Gioachino Rossini represents both the heart of opera and the heart of the man who composed it.
Gregory Peck is an outstanding actor. Throughout his acting career, he has raised funds for various causes that have caught his attention.
Greta Garbo, who made the phrase "I Want To Be Alone" famous, became a self-imposed recluse after making only thirteen movies.
Since Harrison Ford has started acting, he has made quality films such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He is a highly sought after movie star. Learn more about his life.
A short biography on one of the biggest box office drawcards of all time, Harrison Ford.
A complete list, in chronological order of all Harrison Ford's movies - up until, and including, the year 2000.
A biography on the life and times of Henry Winkler, who starred as "Fonzie" on "Happy Days" for ten years.
Known for their homespun humor, Homer and Jethro entertained thousands of Americans during the 1940s and 1950s with their parodies of popular songs.
Tips on how to meet celebrities and get what you want!
His birth details were falsified and lie after lie surrounded his infancy, however, Howard Hughes grew up to be America's rich kid, golden boy and flying hero. This article takes you on a rapid journey of his life and shows the crucial role he played in aviation and movie making. Even up to his death in 1976, he was constantly wheeling and dealing as he had always been. Howard Hughes Jr. was larger than life, yet his end could not have been sadder.
Find out how James Cagney became known as the best 'tough guy' actor of his era, despite his diminutive stature.
In 1891 Canadian teacher, James Naismith, invented basketball using two peach baskets and a ball. Find out more facts about this beloved game.
Jane Fonda is known for her controversial work that she makes against different causes. She is also known for her exercise videos and her acting career.
Jane Seymour is an accomplished actress, director and producer in film, stage and television. Learn more about her life and accomplishments.
Jean Harlow lived a very short life. While her acting career only lasted for six years, she left her mark on the world.
Jesse Ventura, shocking the political establishment in 1998, claimed his win as the only Reform Party candidate to ever hold the office of Minnesota Governor.
Actor/Comedian John Candy had a brief but spectacular life that entertained us with his sense of humor and wit.
John Travolta has had his share of flops and success in his acting career. He is back on top and going strong.
Johnny Cash's life, times, music and how he got where he is today.
Joseph Campbell was the eldest of two children born to Charles Campbell, a merchant, and Josephine Lynch. He grew up in New York state.
One of the most exciting and storied stars of the N.H.L., Joseph Henri Maurice Richard was a natural goal scorer and a tough, physical opponent. A synopsis of his life and exploits in hockey.
A biography on Joshua Jackson, the successful actor who began his career in "The Mighty Ducks" and is currently starring in "Dawson's Creek".
As controversial as her life has been, Julia Roberts has learned to rise above the gossip and give us outstanding performances in her films.
Katherine Hepburn has had a full life and although she is no longer acting, she is still big as life in her movies.
This tels about the music of Kenny Rogers, his life, and his songs. When his songs were hits and what movies he has played in.
Kurt Cobain Suicide: An essay on the facts and theories.
Lana Turner became a sex icon in the 1940s and 1950s. She was dubbed The Sweater Girl making cashmere sweaters and skirts the fashion rage.
A brief biography of the author,Laura Ingalls Wilder, of the beloved Little House books. She spent many years living on Rocky Ridge Farm, in the Missouri Ozarks. Here she penned her famous books, and here she was laid to rest.
When you think of Lauren Bacall you recall her late husband, Humphrey Bogart along with the image of a very beautifully talented woman.
A breif biography of Loretta Lynn's life, times, music, family life, some of her songs, and how they rank on the charts.
Martin Short has been entertaining us in television, stage productions and in films. All of his roles are very enjoyable to watch.
Mary Tyler Moore is going to make it after all. She is still working and going strong on and off screen.
Actress/singer Maureen O’Hara is still going strong. She is best known in her films starring opposite John Wayne although she has made other movies.
Meg Ryan is America's Sweetheart who has endeared herself in the hearts of both men and women with her perky personality and cute looks.
Meryl Steep is the hardest working star in Hollywood. Her talent shines in her work while she continues to campaign for quality roles for women.
Actor Michael J. Fox is most famous for his roles as "Alex P. Keaton" in "Family Ties," and "Marty McFly" in "Back to the Future."
Actor Michael J. Fox is an outstanding actor that wants to take time while he feels good to lobby for funds for Parkinson's Disease.
Find out about the life of Nat King Cole, the pioneering black pop ballad singer and jazz pianist, who paved the way for future generations.
Nick Nolte has come a long way in his life. He has turned his life around to a healthier way of living.
Learn about the life and works of Noel Coward, one of the most multi-talented artists to have lived, and not afraid to be controversial.
Olivia Newton-John is back with a splash with her music career after a divorce and being a breast cancer survivor.
A breif biography of talk show host and prolific actress Oprah Winfrey.
A breif biography of Pam Tillis; where she was born, how she got where she is today, and what she did to get there.
A summary of Patrick Stewarts' biography, years of television, movie and theatrical experiences.
Actor Randy Quaid has made more films than we realize. He has made over sixty-five movies so far and he still going strong.
Richard Gere is the sexiest man alive. He has captured the attention of women of all ages with his charm and good looks.
Actress Rita Hayworth was one of our favorite actress. Her sensuality and charm gained her the status of a pin up girl.
Rock Hudson was the sexiest male icon in the movie industry. The world was shocked when they learned that he was dying of AIDS. Learn more about his life.
The biography on the life of Ron Howard, the famous actor/director, who most of us remember as either "Opie Taylor" or "Richie Cunningham".
Rondo Hatton, once billed as the ugliest man in the movies and suffering from disfiguring acromegaly, was shamelessly exploited by Hollywood.
Rosie O'Donnell was born the third of five children to Edward and Roseann O'Donnell. She was born and raised in Commack, New York on Long Island.
Actor Sean Connery has won our hearts as James Bond. He has been successful with his acting career before and after his days as 007.
Learn about the career of Sidney Poitier and how he became a great pioneer for black actors by using his own supreme talent.
The American public loved Spencer Tracy in his films and even after his death, he is as big as life in his movies.
Christopher Reeve will always be Superman whether he is giving a helping hand to spinal cord injury victims or acting in front of the camera.
A breif biography about the life and times of Tammy Wynette.
Tony Randall is a multi-talented actor who has given us years of entertainment. He enjoys being a father at the age of 70. Learn more about his life.
The life and times of Tracy Byrd, his music and his career. and how he got where he is today.
A breif biography of country music singer Tracy lawrence. This will tell about a tradgedy in his life, and his music career.
Trisha Yearwood is one of the most popular country performers of the '90s.
An interesting biography about Tupac Shakur's life and his death.
A breif biography of Vince Gill'slife, music, career, and how he got where he is today in country music.
Waylon Jennings life, music, and how he got where he is today.
Whoopi Goldberg, originally named Caryn Johnson, was born in New York, New York to Robert and Emma Johnson. Her parents separated when she was a toddler.
Willie Nelson's life, times, his music, and how he got where he is today. Some of the songs he made and where they hit on the charts.