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Preparing to graduate high school I knew I had some tough decisions ahead, mainly what college to attend.

When I told my friends I was attending White Oak College (not its real name) they thought I was crazy. You see, White Oak was an all women's college.

Looking back on my decision, it is one I have never regretted, and cherished every moment of being there.

Being part of this all women environment was like being part of a sisterhood. We did not have sororities because we were like one big sorority. Of course there were small cliques formed, but everyone got along really well, and I really liked that about this college.

I also liked that we were all able to be ourselves. We didn't have to worry about what some man thought of us. We didn't have to do our hair or make-up, if we wanted to we could just roll out of bed and come to class. After all, we were there to learn and had no one to impress but our teachers!

By feeling comfortable in this environment I feel that I was able to learn better. I was not afraid to participate in class, ask questions, challenge myself, challenge others, and most of all I was able to grow as an individual.

And we still knew how to have fun. After learning all week, the weekends were lots of fun! It was so funny to see our friends all dressed up with hair done and make-up done, as we were so used to seeing each other with sweats and pony-tailed hair. It was cool to see this type of transformation, and sometimes we didn't even recognize our friends!

The college always had lots of fun activities planned for us, and no shortage of men on the weekends. After all, if you were a man where would you go to meet women? In fact, I met my husband at college.

Attending an all women's college was the right choice for me. It helped me believe in myself, form valuable long-lasting friendships, and prepare for the outside world. The skills and knowledge I was able to learn there have helped mold me into a productive part of society, and for that I am grateful.

And for those of you who still can't see yourselves at an all women's college I say you are missing out on a wonderful experience. An experience to share with others like you, a long lasting bond, a friendship, and most of all an education that you deserve to get!