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Helping your child find the college thatÆs right for him is one of the most difficult processes youÆll likely encounter in the teenage years of your child. Here are some tips for helping your child get into the college thatÆs right.

ò Start early. The best thing to do is to get an early start. Start looking at college campuses as early as your childÆs freshman or sophomore years in high school. This will give your child an idea of what college life will be like, what the different colleges look like and may even help him narrow his choices down before he starts his senior year.
ò Look at the qualifications to get into the schools. Once youÆve narrowed your list of possibilities, study closely what it takes to get into those schools. Make sure your child meets those qualifications. If his grades arenÆt quite high enough, youÆve got a couple more years to get them up.
ò Once youÆve narrowed your list, rank them in order of the ones heÆd rather go to. No matter how long that list is, he should compile a list of his favorites. This serves several purposes. It allows you as a parent to know what the possibilities are, how much you can expect to spend, and you can help your child decide which ones on his list are better for him than others.
ò Make sure on the list there are some schools that are difficult for your child to get into and some schools that will be easy for him to get accepted into. You want to make sure there are some good schools to fall back on, if things donÆt work out in the more prestigious ones.
ò Talk with your child. Have regular serious discussions with your child about the future of his education. Ask him if thereÆs anything you can do to help. Make sure you remain supportive. You want this to be as much of his decision as possible. The more interest he has in his college education, the more valuable the education will be.