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Deciding whether or not to come to Pomona College is easy. Ask yourself: Do I want to attend a small liberal arts college? If you do, then you won't find a better choice than Pomona.

The small classes are key to Pomona's academic experience. Professor interaction and intense group discussions are ways of life. Pomona students are serious about academics, though they spend relatively less time in class per week than their counterparts at comparable schools.
At Pomona the academics are challenging, and the rest of life is... easy.

The small size of the school makes for relatively little hassle when dealing with the administration. Classes are relatively easy to get, and almost all of Pomona's programs are well taught and well respected. The housing situation is as good as any you'll find at an American college. Even Freshmen sometimes get singles, and residential life is tight knit and fun. Over 90% of students like campus life so much that they live there all four years- though if you want to live in an apartment or house during college, you probably shouldn't come to Pomona.

Another upside to Pomona is the weather. Out of state students will love California winters- and dread returning home to bitter weather during the winter break. Be warned, however, that Pomona is a full 45 minute drive from the beach. Aspiring surfers should choose UC San Diego unless they have a car and plenty of money for gas.

To those who feel stifled on a small campus, know that a car is needed to do anything worth while. The campus is about 45 minutes from LA, and Los Angeles County public transportation is horrid. If you're looking for a great college town, Pomona is not the place for you. Berkeley or San Louis Obispo would be much more exciting places. The social life mostly consists of on campus activities: lectures, intramural sports, and nightly "snack" during the week, and drinking in dorm rooms with friends on the weekends.

Pomona's social scene is fun for those suited for small schools. Tight bonds are formed and parties are safe and fun. But the social scene has a definite high school plus alcohol type feel.

The alcohol policy on campus is relatively easy going. Alcohol and parties proliferate. More often they are small to medium sized parties at the campus center or in the dorms. Students and administration seem to have an unspoken understanding: "We'll treat you like adults if you don't screw up."

Overall, Pomona is an excellent choice, so long as you will enjoy a smaller school. If your heart is set on a big university, go elsewhere. Otherwise, come to Pomona.