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Simply put Desktops provide a better option for college students. Financially desktops offer the user an opportunity to get a lot of power for little money. For the same price a desktop will have more than double the power of a laptop. This power promotes speed, which is the most important thing a college student with a computer needs. Aside from power and price, desktops provide other advantages.

The expansion space on desktops is enormous. New desktops have the ability to be continually upgraded so that when new technology comes out the computer will not be lost in the dust. The computer world changes daily as new chips are always appearing on the market and a desktop provides the student with the opportunity to expand his computer without having to buy a whole new device.

Laptops on the other hand are a "what you see is what you get" proposition. Upgrading is very expensive and sometimes impossible.

Laptops are mobile but this mobility comes at a price. Moving the computers around leads to the hard drive shifting which causes bad sectors. Bad sectors means the whole hard drive has to be replaced and the student's work is eliminated. Desktops rarely if ever have the same problems.

Laptops' monitors are usually smaller than those of desktops. Aside from being smaller, the clarity is usually better on desktops. These monitors provide an advantage for a student using graphics programs.

Although larger and more bulky, desktop computers offer the best solution to the computer dilemma of college students.