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When your child goes off to college he or she will be confronted with the question of whether or not to join a fraternity or sorority. There are many advantages to joining a fraternity or sorority, but as well as advantages there are many disadvantages, too. Some college students will enjoy these groups right away and others will find out that it is not for them.

Joining Greek life is not something that must be done in your first year of college. There are many students that choose to forego their first year and concentrate on school. Then, in their sophomore and junior years they decide what fraternity or sorority that would like to join.

If you are going to school out of your hometown and you know very few people this might be a reason a fraternity is for you. Joining a fraternity is an instantaneous way to meet a bunch of kids in your freshman class. These 40 or 50 students will become your closest and dearest friends for your next four years at school. This is a great way to meet people if you don’t think you have the willpower to go out and meet others. The fraternity you are in will be sure to have many social functions and get together will other sororities which will allow you to meet a lot of girls within your college.

Joining a sorority is a little different than joining a fraternity. Girls handle their business a lot differently than the boys. The guys will be a lot more brutal and strict when it comes to pledging and joining. The girls on the other hand are a lot nicer and try to make each feel like they are all princesses. Sororities have the same type of functions and social parties as the guys but the girls tend to stick with fraternity guys for the parties. They try to match up with a local fraternity to make it like a brother fraternity.

Fraternities are obviously not for everyone who attends college. Many students like to focus on their schoolwork rather than build for the next upcoming party. Many students like to meet a broader range of friends rather than just hang out with fraternity guys. The social gatherings I referred to earlier were not just social gatherings. They are keg filled parties that serve alcohol to anyone who wants to drink. You will find a lot of peer pressure within each fraternity and maybe this is not what you want to be doing with your college years. Fraternities take up a lot of time within your day, especially your freshman year. This is called pledgeship. This is when all the older guys take you under their wing and make it very tough to get anything done with your time. They occupy almost every minute and make you do needless chores. Another disadvantage is if you would like to pursue a sport you will have a very difficult time trying to do both.

Each sorority is different in their own way. Some have a lot of parties and others try to do more social work. Some are grouped by a certain religion and others are certain ethnic backgrounds. Some girls find that the best sorority for them is no sorority.

In order to pick a fraternity you should find out what type of people are within that specific fraternity. You should try to talk to different people who have been associated with it or people who are already a part of it. Most fraternities will try to rush you, which means they will try to buy you stuff to make you join. Do not feel pressured to join one over another. Use your judgment and try to pick the one that best suits you and your needs.

Fraternities and sororities are surely meant for that certain group of people. Before you decide to join, make sure to really think about what type of life you want to have while attending college for the next four years.