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You finally picked a college to go to. For some people it is a easier choice than for others. Your decisions were probably based on things which are simple concepts but complicated in their application. Some factors were distance from home, size of the school, and the biggest one was probably cost. Rule number one; the cost that your college sent you is just not gonna cut it. Sure, that's the tuition and room and board cost but you need to have a life don't you? Well college life is expensive. You probably have a lot of pre-conceived ideas and notions about college life in your head, mostly gotten through movies. Speaking to you as a current freshman in college and having to just go through the entire process myself, here are some truths and myths about college.
My particular college was the former #1 party school in the nation. The biggest thing on parents' minds is whether or not the school is just a party school. That's a myth. Every single school in the country is a party school, but only if you want it to be. Yeah, some schools have a bigger bar scene. You know what though? College is management of a social life. Remember going out drinking or otherwise all the time is gonna hurt you, a lot. You are going to college for one reason, and that is to get a education.
While we are on that subject, here is another myth. If you are failing, mommy and daddy will just pay for another year. You could not be anymore wrong. In this particular state school a "C" is worth a 2.0 on your GPA. In high school a "C" is considered a normal grade. Well, high school is over. If your average drops below that, you will be kicked out of school along with mommy and daddy's money. I'm sure that will make them very happy.
Here is another myth: you have to be 21 years of age to drink. Bars in college towns make their living off of us. Do you really think they are not gonna let freshman, sophomores, and most juniors put money in their pocket, I think not. Again with that comes risk. You don't have to be 21, but the guy on your ID does. With a fake ID you run the risk of a serious charge when you get caught. With a altered ID you pay a $250 fine. It's a less severe but how are you going to explain $250 dollars missing out of your account to your parents?
Now for some truths. You will need to become likable. Unless you want to go through college the same way as high school by sitting in your room playing playstation, become social. Meet as many people as you can. You will meet people in college that are from around the country and the world. Just go up to people and strike up a conversation. Everyone wants to meet people. So stop being a hermit.
Dorm rooms are small. Don't bring up your gigantic stereo and TV. Try to talk to or meet your roommate before you come to school. Find out if they are the next Jeffrey Dahmer.
Here is a truth, and the most important one. The secret to getting good grades. It's pretty complicated so stay with me on this one. Step 1: Go to class. Step 2: Do the reading. Step three: Sleep enough so you don't pass out in class. Still with me? Because that's it. Try to absorb it a little at a time if it is too intense.