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College dorms, they're the ultimate rite of passage into life as a true college freshman. You've seen them on TV, and in the movies, but here's the real story.
The first issue is that dorm rooms are NOT the size of your bedroom at home. Those beautiful, spacious, light-filled rooms you see on Felicity are not a reality. You will share a room half the size of your home bedroom with one or maybe even two other people. You dont have walk-in closets, you have holes in the walls that they try to pass off as closets and drawer space.
The second issue is the showers. You do not get to have your own shower. You get to walk down the hall to the shower shared by 100 other people on your floor. You may think shower shoes are a waste of time now, but you won't when you see the showers. Yes, you will have to wait in line if you think you're getting a shower before class. You'll learn when to take showers so that you can have the closest to hot water as you can remember from home.
The third issue is privacy. The bottom line is that you have none. You will return home from class to find your roommates friends laying on your bed and eating your snackpacks that your mom just sent you. You always use the bathroom with at least 10 other people. If you feel like crying or throwing a tantrum, people above, below, and next door to you will know about it.
The final issue is sleep. Forget it. You will not sleep ever. But then again, you'll be having so much fun, you won't want to sleep.
As bad and scary as college dorms sound, they will make up a year of your life that you will never forget. You'll meet people that you'll know for the rest of your life. Enjoy it.