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Photography can be as basic or complex as you want to go. A step by step approach to photography for the novice photographer.
Classic cars from all over convene at the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg festival held every year in Northern Indiana.
Color mixing for additional colors. Covers primary, secondary, analogous, compliments, etc.
You can use colors to change your mood. Experts now suggest that we feel color, rather than see it. Look here for ways to balance your emotions, calm your fears and heat up your love life.
Creative painting techniques can give any room a unique look. Learn some of these popular methods like sponging, rag rolling and stippling.
Three famous folk tales from India.
Georgia O'Keeffe, American painter, was born to Frank O'Keeffe and Ida Totto O'Keeffe on November 15, 1887. She is most famous for her flower paintings.
Learn how to discuss art works, as if you were an art expert.
Glass etching is the application of lettering, monograms or designs on glass. Learn how to etch glass!
Guide to beginning painting with acrylic paints.
How do you make paying bills more fun? Mail art! Decorate your envelopes with stickers, stamps, rubber stamps, collage and any other medium you can think of. Make a statement a real statement!
Why did it take Michelangelo so long to complete the Sistine Chapel fresco? This article explains his life and the time he spent painting in the chapel.
An overview of Panorama art, a circular painting created to make an optical illusion.
This is a biography of the artist Paul Cezanne. He has been called "one of the most important figures in the development of modern painting."
Primitive people do their storytelling with their tribe in many ways. Learn about tribe story telling.
The Tate Modern on London's South Bank is the biggest gallery of modern art in the world. It houses works by Picasso,Dali,Mondrian,Pollock,Giacometti, Duchamp and Andy Warhol. Admission is free at this exciting gallery.
Popular between 1880 and 1920,Art Nouveau was an international style of design based on curving lines and the use of nature in motifs. American Art Nouveau is most often associated with Louis Comfort Tiffany and Charles Dana Gibson. associated
Netsuke is an ancient art that has become a modern collectible. Netsukes are tiny carvings from Japan but the command a huge price at art auctions all over the world. Get to know netsuke.
Tramp Art is a type of Folk Art, made primarily during the Civil War through the 1930's. Collecting Tramp Art is "hot" these days!