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What are the different customs of an African wedding? What do you need to know about how they came about? What should you expect if you're attending a wedding in Africa?
Arranged indian marriages: Marriages in India reflect all the regional colors overlaying the basic religious rites.
Learn who the Bible authors were, how many books are in the Bible, and what impact the Bible has had on human history.
With this bible reading plan you can complete the bible in less than a year!
What are the customs of Buddhist wedding ceremonies? Why do they do the things they do? What do you need to know about a Buddhist wedding before you attend?
an article debating the similarities between islam, taoism and confucianism. religions of the east.
A comparative study of a few of the universal flood myths found in most religions.
Ganapathi is one of Siva’s sons, the other son being Subramania or Karthikeya. In India, both are treated as gods and are worshipped accordingly
What are the customs of Hindu weddings? What do you need to know about a Hindu wedding before you attend?
Joseph Smith founded the Church of Jesus Christ, and became the first prophet of the Latter Day Saints.
Learn about the medieval religion, the reasons for pilgrimage and the use of astrology.
Learn the myths and the fact about the moon. The Moon has been blamed for madness, unwanted pregnancies, and the transformation of people into wolves. The Moon is the basis for a host of superstitions.
Mormons live their lives with many concepts relating back to their religion. They have many beliefs which make them individuals in todays society.
Native American Folklore about the "Dream Catcher"
Native American religions are not belief systems like many popular religions today: rather it is a worldview. Learn more about their religious practices.
Prophets of Allah: covers the major events from Prophet Adam To Prophet Isa(Jesus).
There are many questions that we can ask about God. There are no easy answers. God’s nature is difficult, if not impossible for us to understand.
The first step in spiritual growth is learning how to get to know the inner person you really are. This article is designed to show you how to meet that person and begin true spiritual growth.
david-- definition of taoism and history of...and Lao Tzu... are good titles, too Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy that teaches acceptance through inaction. In its later years it became a bizarre and extreme expression of religious fanaticism.
Learn about the akita: If you're looking for a great family pet, why not research this Japanese import?
The burning bush became the oracle through which God spoke during Moses’ conversion. Learn more about plant lore.
Learn about the Chuck Colson ministry and how Chuck Colson went from involvment in the Watergate scandal to find a new purpose in life through his Christian faith.
Many people believe in God, but there is a profound difference between belief and living in faith.
Learn the main differences between Christianity, Islam and Judiasm, the three main monothiestic religions of the world
If God is good, then how does He stand aside and allow things like the Holocaust to happen? Did God create evil? Then why, for what purpose? Why does God tolerate mankind's inhumanity to man?
The five pillars of Islam are five fundamental practices ingerent to the religion.
Buddhism is centered on four fundamental truths, described by the Buddha himself. Without understanding and embracing these truths, there can be no enlightenment
The belief in The Holy Trinity is a much mis-understood concept within and outside of Christian churches. Perhaps this simple explanation sheds light on the subject
A religion or a philosophy? A short summary of basic Buddhist ideas. The life of the Buddha, some introductory ideas for Buddhist meditation, and the basic principles of Buddhism are included.
Jainism was founded around the time of Buddhism and Islam. While there are few Jains outside of India today, within India they are a significant and influential group.
A detailed explanation of the religious belies of a Luther an. A guide to the religious thought of Martin Luther.
A brief look at the origins, doctrine and symbols of the Rastafarian religion.
Shamanism is essentially an ecstatic means of altering consciousness and thereby extending and enlarging the ordinary world.
The different religions, such as Hinduism, Islam, New Age and Christianity all grew as answers to basic human questions about our purpose here and how we should live together.
The Zoroastrianism religion, its beliefs and practices are covered in this summary of the eastern religion.