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A history of education in America: from the colonial times to the present, education in America has changed as much as it has stayed the same.
Learn how to negotiate the best firewood deals every year. Find benefit and pleasure in stacking wood. Burn clean with a wood stove.
Air travel with small children can be unnerving. With careful planning and preparation, however, your family vacation can be a success.
A breif biography of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite, an instument of war, and the creator of the Nobel Prize, an instument of peace.
Try this fruity gelatin dessert with sponge cake and topped with rich thick whip cream. This is a quick and easy do ahead dessert.
Angela Bassett was born August 16, 1958 in New York, New York. She and her sister D'nette were raised by a single mom in a housing project in St. Petersburg, Florida.
What are some of the animals you'll find on the big island of Hawaii? Why do they live and grow there?
Numerous crystal skulls have been discovered. Anna Hedges is the guardian of the most mysterious, the Mitchell-Hedges skull,one scientists say shouldn't exist.
Arthritis home remedies! Arthritis, one of the oldest disease known to mankind, is the inflammation of one or more joints. Learn how some people have successfully eased the symptoms.
What are some of the attractions you don't want to miss in Hilo, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
Auto motor sports explained: a guide for understanding the core differences between INDY, Formula One (Grand Prix) and NASCAR motor sports
Here is a delicious recipe for the Middle Eastern eggplant dip, baba ghanouj. Perfect for serving as an appetizer with pita bread.
Gives an idea of what needs to be included or excluded in your back yard to attract birds, including their need for shelter water food and housing.
Although named balsam of Peru, this valuable, stately tree is from El Salvador. The thick, fragrant resin of the tree has been used by the Indians of South America for centuries.
Follow this recipe for dreamy, banana split cake. All the best of an ice cream parlor in every slice.
Although Barbara Stanwyck was dubbed the woman who never won an Academy Award for her acting, she never let that get in her way.
Great barbecue recipes that will have your family raving!
This article discusses basic judaism and the differences between the three major sects of Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform
Beach fun for children! How to make a day at the beach go as smoothly as possible so you and your child can have fun.
Try this tempting bean sald recipe to spice up your meals!
This is a basic explaination of the rules of field hockey as well as the types of fouls and the penalties involved.
Bela Lugosi is better known to us as Count Dracula. He has left behind a legacy that will carry on through time.
Explanation of why massage therapy is beneficial for infants and how it helps them thrive.
Betty Grable was the original pin up girl who stole the heart of every service man.
What is your responsibility as a boat owner? How can you help to ensure the safety of your passengers?
Desription of the location, accommodations, and recreational activities of Brown County State Park in Nashville, Indiana.
Stepfamilies are prominent today. Many couples need advice when blending two families together. This article offers tips for building a better stepfamily.
Burglar proof your doors! The majority of devices mentioned in this report cost very little. All of them will help reduce burglary and make your house or apartment more secure.
Burton C. Mossman, the first captain of the Arizona Rangers, was single-handedly responsible for the capture of the infamous bandit, Augustino Chacon.
Learn about camping in Hawaii and what precautions you should take.
Actor Cary Grant gave us many hours of pleasure and entertainment with his movies. America loved the suave persona that he exuded on screen.
These quick easy to make cherry muffins are moist and delicious to serve your family for breakfast or brunch.
Try this tempting chess cake recipe to spice up your meals!
Try this recipe for chicken and cream cheese pinwheels and you will never eat bland chicken again. This recipe is good for a main dish or gourmet appetizer.
This decadent chocolate trifle recipe has layers of gooey chocolate, whipped topping and cake. This dessert looks as good as it tastes.
Learn about Chuck Berry and his roller coaster career. Despite brushes with the law, his outstanding records made him Mr. Rock and Roll.
Athletes were popular subjects for 1930s matchbook covers. Here's a look at some of the more popular memorabilia from this era.
Post Cereal jumped into the sports cards business in 1960 and for four years produced some cards that remain some of the most popular older food issue collectibles.
A vacation with kids can be trying, but Spain's Costa Brava provides plenty of entertainment for old and young alike. Lots to see and do.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is a life saving technique that everyone should learn. Find out how to give CPR.
This creamy tomato sauce gives a smooth and different taste to serve over your pasta.
Croup is known by its distinctive cough which sounds like a seal-bark. Find out what causes croup, how to prevent it, and how to treat it.
Cherries taste tart in this crunchy dessert. This is quick to make and can bake while you are preparing dinner.
A delicious recipe for cucumber salad that can be served with any meal, but is perfect for summertime barbecues with friends.
Daily water intake is necessary for a healthy diet. It's our body's vital fuel, a health drink from mother nature. It's calorie-free, inexpensive and easily obtained.
Professional basketball players are only interested in winning championships, receiving millions of dollars and personal glory. Right? Not David Robinson of the San Antonio Spurs.
Here are some quick, simple, easy and delicious desserts recipes for either a family gathering, company social, reunion or a picnic.
Here are some recipes' prepared especially for vegetarians. Contains salads, casseroles. breakfast muffins and main dishes with a variety of flavors geared for everyone.
A list of developmental baby toys that encourage sensory stimulation and interaction.
Do it yourself home repair! Simple, common-sense tips on doing minor household repairs inexpensively without calling in a professional.
Simple dryer repair! There are a few preventative measures that can help you insure your dryer stays in tip top shape.
Drying the herbs and roots often grown in small gardens and flower beds are great for use in the later winter months.
This easy pineapple cake recipe will tingle your taste buds with a sour yet fruity taste.
Eczema or atopic dermatitis is itchy rashes that can be overcome by eliminating its contributing factors. Learn its causes and treatment.
Energy saving tips! Ensuring that your home is energy effiecent, you are not only doing your part for the enviroment, you will also cut the cosy of your bills at the same time.
Equine infectious anemia, is a disease closely related to HIV that infects horses. Learn more about this illness.
How is your family life? Everyone running in different directions? Here are some tips to make your family closer.
Easy to make items, appropriate for Father's Day gifts, are discussed in this article. Inexpensive gift ideas are for the man who has everything.
Father's Day Gifts ideas for Dad, Granddad or Hubby. Please, no more ties!
If you recognize any of the common symptoms of fears, get help before it develops into a phobia.
Learn out about the phases of fetal development during the three trimesters of pregnancy.
Every year, fires take thousands of lives and destroy property worth billions of dollars. Firefighters help protect the public against this danger. Learn more about this profession.
Fishing facts: everything you ever wanted to know about fishing, and more.
How do you fish in Hawaii? What do you need to know about fishing in Hawaii before you get started?
Florida divorce laws and other important considerations when untying the knot in Florida.
A brief owerview of DUI law in Florida.
Some great free vegan recipes that can be prepared at home easily. A feast for both the eyes and the tastes!
You're not aware of your id, ego, and superego, but according to Freud, they control much of your behavior.
Try this eggplant recipe fried with melted cheddar cheese ontop for a great side dish to accent your meal.
For a crisp zuchinni appetizer, try this easy to make treat.
The Frontier League offers baseball players without big league affiliation to play pro baseball. Here's a look at this successful Midwestern independent league.
Geography for children! The world is full of faraway, exotic, and wonderful places that they want to know more about.
You can get free rent through one of three methods: 1) Manage an apartment. 2) As a building caretaker. 3) House-sitting.
Make everyone talk about your barbecue with these gourmet red wine burgers. A new twist to an old favorite!
Try these new, healthy grilling recipes.
A guided meditation to help you feel more energized and more in balance with life.
Remember those polyester Halloween Costumes you wore in the sixties? Well, today, those will cost you a pretty penny. Come take a look at some of the most popular styles from the era.
What is Chinatown in Honolulu all about? What's there? What do you need to know about Chinatown?
Learn to tell the difference between a bad case of heartburn and a heart attack.
How to prepare your children for school
A few recipes for homemade herb teas and infusions perfect for women, and for relieving common female conditions.
Herbal health remedies are becoming rediscovered as alternatives to healing our bodies. Here's a list of herbs and their uses.
A review of the 1990 movie "hidden agenda" that adresses the fight between England and Northern Ireland .
Ideas for parents trying to help their kids learn and understand history.
A breif history of the geisha,who has been misinterpreted by foreigners and considered an anachronism. Where does the geisha fit in the 21st century?
Holiday velvet table runners are an easy holiday craft project involving the latest craze - rubber stamping - for family members of all ages.
Home beauty recipes! How do you get a salon-quality manicure or pedicure on a budget? Read this article to find out the recipe for beautiful hands and feet without leaving the comfort of your home. What you will need: -your favorite nail color -a clear top-coat (speed dry is good) -foam toe separators (good to have for pedicure) -an orange stick (wood stick with a pointy end and a flat end to push down cuticle) or any type of cuticle stick - orange sticks are cheapest -extra emollient, m
Craft a kitchen gadget bride doll for your home or as a gift!
These decorating projects make crafts easy for the home. Here are some unusual yet professional designs that are easy to do.
Home remedy for furniture polish! If you like to see your wood furniture shine with a deep glowing luster only a natural polish can give, you can try your hand at making your own, old fashioned, scented polish.
Home-schooling is becoming a poular option in light of the problems in our school system. Is it for your family? Do you have what it takes to succeed? Find out here.
A great homeade Kentucky beer recipe!
Where are the good accomodations while you're in Honolulu? How do you find them? What do you need to know about them?
You've decided to adopt a lucky cat or kitten. How do you decide which one it will be and how can you tell if it's healthy?
Most rail fences are made of woods like cedar and redwood, they will last a life time. Learn to build a rail fence.
If you ever find yourself at the mercy of winter weather check out this informative guide on how to build an igloo.
A few standards for buying golf clubs for the beginner golfer.
Keep the shine on your no-wax vinyl floor with these cleaning and maintenance tips. Clean it, protect it, and get the shine back!
Massage therapy is the fastest growing field of alternative medicine. Here are some questions to help you find a trained, compassionate bodyworker.
Learning to crochet is a snap and a wonderful hobby for anyone who loves being creative. These tips will have you crocheting in no time.
How do you find the right bed and breakfast for you in Hawaii? What do you need to know about them?
Learn how to get your articles published by newspaper, magazine, and newsletter editors--without clips.
Get your kid's to clean their room with these step-by-step directions!
How do you hunt in Hawaii? What kinds of things do you need to know about hunting in Hawaii?
These tips will help you learn how to install tile on walls or floors and even replace broken tiles when necessary.
Learnhow to look younger using nature, and discover how sweet it is to dissolve years off your face with honey.
How to lose lots of weight quickly! A guaranteed way to lose weight, boost metabolism, and live a much more enjoyable and healthy life.
Detailed instructions on how to make mirrors.
Mastering the "art of selling" is simply knowing how to present whatever it is that you're selling, to the buyer in such a manner that he feels buying it from you will solve his problems or fulfill his dreams.
Learn to repair your doors. There is nothing more aggravating than a door that stick, binds, squeaks or just will not close. Problem solved!
Setting up a healthy goldfish aquarium is not very hard if you follow some steps to ensure a healthy environment and ecosystem for your pet.
Tips on how to travel with children more enjoyably.
Moisture in a basement tends to leave the area smelling musty from the mold spores that thrive on dampness. Learn to waterproof your basement.
Knowing how to wire a three-pin plug is a useful tool in this modern society. These step by step instructions make the job easy.
One of the most difficult notes to write is a sympathy letter for a family who has recently suffered the loss of a loved one. Here are some things to keep in mind.
How-To take great photos of your family
A list of ideal first pets for children, ranked by their sociability, easy maintenance and demeanor around children.
You may think you have the necessary basic skills to operate as a independant consultant, but can you really make a go of it as a business?
A breif description of Indian culture and history.
Ferrets are the third most popular pet in the U.S. today. Come find out why.
Inquisition torture techniques were the embodiment of man's inhumanity to man. The rack, the wheel, thumbscrews and numerous other instruments of torture made death seem like a blessing.
What is the Iolani Palace in Honolulu? What will you see when you're there? Why is it important?
When travelling as far away as Israel it is important to go see some significant sites like the Dead Sea, Mount Masada, and Western Wall.
Cultivate a Japanese garden - where the marvels of nature are duplicated in miniature right in your own back garden. Learn the skills that have been developed over thousands of years to create a unique garden.
If you are a Jewish newcomer to Chicago, here are some places you might find enjoyable.
Strange things happened to the many of the scientists who entered King Tuts tomb in the 1920s- 24 of them even died mysteriously. Finally the mystery of the curse is unravelled.
Lead has long been recognized as a harmful environmental pollutant. Learn the effects of exposure to lead and how to avoid lead poisening.
Lesson plans for elementary schoolers! Creative ways to occupy time and keep the kids interested and having fun during class time.
An account of how a live butterfly release can make a wedding extra special.
Lost credit card? There are at least two good financial reasons for you to report the loss or theft of your credit and ATM cards quickly.
These low carb bran muffins fit into any low carb diet plan, including Dr. Atkins!
Luxury vacations on a budget! You can travel almost anywhere in the world and stay free in private homes or luxury hotels. How?
Because new cars are expensive, most people find themselves in the market for a phurchasing a used vehicle when they need wheels.
Although herb and spice mixes are readily available in the stores, experimenting at home by blending herbs and spices to your own taste, is easy and fun.
Mardi Gras in New Orleans--the craziest party in America--is subject of a lot of tall tales and fantasies. Here are five big myths about Mardi Gras.
Mark Twain is the pen name of the late Samuel Langhorne Clemens. He was America’s most famous humorist and also wrote wonderful autobiographical works and novels.
Try this pasta dessert filled with creamy marshmallows in a chocolate and yogurt sauce and topped off with mandarin segments. Kids love it.
Where are the best Maui golf courses? What makes them nice places? How much do they cost?
A great barbeque meatball recipe for parties, picnics or family dinners. Can be used as a side, or a main dish. Surprise friends when you tell them the "secret" ingredient!
How to survive being a military wife: tips for survival, experiences, and frequent moves and problems.
66 ways to cut costs and save money!
Fun facts and trivia about US coins and paper money.
Practical tips on how to avoid becoming another mugging statistic.
Nicola Tesla's electrical theories helped him build the world's first induction motor and the Tesla coil. The inventor was Thomas Edison's greatest rival.
Food holds many associations for children. What are the correct nutrition concepts to pass on to children to encourage development of sensible eating life styles.
Organic cleaning! Whether you're trying to save the environment all by yourself or would simply like to use some creativity around the house, good ole' Mother Nature can help in many ways.
Organic lawn care can help the environment and give you a healthy green lawn: perfect for lounging, great for ball games and cookouts, a real asset to your home.
The ancient port city of Ostia antica is a great day trip from Rome. Find out why! The ancient port city of Ostia Antica is a great tourist destination for a daylong excursion when visiting Rome, Italy. Easily reached on public transportation; ancient ruins, beaches, and medieval art are a few of the attractions.
Outlaw Jesse James robbed and killed for a living and yet, remains one of the most notorious men in history. Read his biography here.
Parsley is much more than a plate garnish in a restaurant. It has medicinal values that are beneficial to your health.
Persistent anxiety disorder, also known as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) had many symptoms and treatments available. Find out what you can do today.
Pet bird information! How to avoid buying a sick bird--tips on how to find a healthy, active pet bird.
This is the age of plastic materials! One of the most amazing developments in this age of wonders . . . NEW developments and discoveries are constantly being made in the plastic field.
What are some of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss in Poipu, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
What is the popular traditional music in Hawaii? Why is it the music many people listen to?
Another bridal shower. Why not give the bride a unique gift? Choose from this list of practical and unusual shower gifts.
Prevention and treatment of scorpion stings. Some basic knowledge about this arachnid which might help prevent a potentially dangerous situation.
It’s much easier to prevent eating disorders then cure them. Once an eating disorder develops it can take many years, if ever to cure. Most of the prevention can be done at home.
The comparison of a wild-caught spot-nosed guenon and his captive-born son, which includes behavior towards family member and keepers, and neurotic tendencies.
Punctuation is tricky to use--most people tend to stick a semi-colon here, a colon there, and they don't know why. Here's a guide to using punctuation properly.
The side effects of radiation on human health, including its role in causing cancer.
How accurate is radioactive carbon dating? What can it really tell us about our past?
Red Clover is a very powerful herb. It contains medicinal properties that are very beneficial to mankind.
A review of the action/comedy movie "Red Rock West". One of the early works by Nicholas Cage and Dennis Hopper.
Recent research suggests that grilling foods may increase your risk of cancer. Learn to grill safely here.
Ways of modifying your diet to reduce sugar consumption.
What are some inexpensive restaurants in Kaunakakai, Hawaii? Where are these places? What makes them good finds?
Try this tempting recipe for something new!
Roast chicken recipe with tomatillo sauce! Great for entertaining.
Great and easy root beer recipe!
Saladin is considered one of the greatest of Muslim leaders. He defeated Richard the Lionhearted during the Crusades and liberated Jerusalem from Frankish rule.
Many people find the salary negotiation process uncomfortable, even awkward. Here is a guide to making this process painless and successful.
A marvelous peanut chews recipe that takes like Payday candy. If you love peanuts this is for you.
The best techniques for SAT preparation when trying to get into college.
Saving for retirement is an investment in your future. As retirement approaches, it is important for every household to assess its financial identity.
Install security glass to protect your home. Many burglars enter homes by simply breaking glass windows. Most burglars avoid attempting to break the following types of glass due to the fear of attracting attention.
Shrimp stir fry recipe! Stir fry night? Don't make the same old chicken and rice. Spice up your stir fry with the taste of shrimp and red chili pepper.
What are some sights you don't want to miss in Kalaupapa, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
Central Kapaa’s beaches begin at Waipouli Beach Park. It is between the Market Place Shopping Center and the royal coconut grove by the Sheraton Hotel. The beach ends at the Waikaea Canal.
What are some sights you don't want to miss in Keomuku and Naha, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
Sopaipillas are Mexican pastries shaped like tiny pillows covered with powdered sugar. Here are two methods of creating this delicious treat.
Stamp and coin collecting is accessible to the average person and can be very lucrative too.
Stock market investing! There are two ways investors make money when the stock market is down. One is a short term way the other is for the long term investor.
Treat your kids to summer fun without exceeding your budget. Seven ideas for family summer activities without spending a lot of money or traveling great distances.
Susan B. Anthony was an activist for education, temperance, social justice and women's rights. Her life was full of disappointments and triumphs, due to her tireless work for all people.
What kinds of things should you keep in mind when swimming off the Hawaii coast? What should you be on the look out for?
Sylvia Plath was born into a middle class family in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father's death when she was eight was a pivotal point in her life.
Great appreciation gift ideas that are better than an apple for the teacher. Choose from ten inexpensive, yet thoughtful teacher gifts.
How to teach children good manners the fun way.
How to teach children to use good manners and to be polite.
Tips on teaching your child to drive responsibly, confidently and safely while remaining calm and patient.
Long feared by humans, the alligator is a unique and terrifying mammal. Learn more about this scary predator here.
The American revolution: Learn all about this truly historic episode of America.
The first massive bus boycott by African Americans of the modern civil rights movement dedicated to destroying the Jim Crow system of segregation in the South.
What are the different beaches in Waikiki? Where are they? What are the differences?
Learn about the best teams in the history of baseball.
The Blue and Yellow Macaw is a mystery to humans. We know his homeland is the forest of Central and South America. The macaw is a shy bird towards humans. He is no longer found in human populated areas.
The Dark Shadows tv series took us to a place called Collinwood, a place of vampires, werewolves and ghosts.
A review of the very strange and visually shocking movie "The Element of the Crime."
A visit to the Hilton Head Island golf course in South Carolina offers players the chance to try their skill on courses designed by some big names in pro golf. Here's a look at what this paradise has to offer.
What is the history of the big island of Hawaii? What should you know about it?
What is the history behind Waikiki in Hawaii? What should you know about history in Waikiki? What are the main historical artifacts that are still standing?
The komodo dragon was discovered in 1912, there are only 3,000 known to live in the world.
A brief history of the Milwaukee Braves. The city of Milwaukee gained a major league baseball team when the Boston Braves moved west in 1953. They were adored by fans but support waned and the team moved to Atlanta in 1966.
What are some of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss on the north shore of Oahu? What makes them unique?
The Peregrine Falcon is a large falcon. It can catch its prey in the air with its sharp talons, and strong legs.
The robin is a true sign of Spring and one of America's favorite birds. Learn more about this exciting animal.
Learn about the rules of rugby and how the game is played.
What are some of the main attractions in Kailua, Hawaii? What are some the sights you don't want to miss? What are some of the beaches? What do you need to know about them?
What are some of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss in Kaneohe, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
The snapping turtle is well known for it's attack on anything that comes close of it's powerful jaws.
This article talks about the chances the 2000 St. Louis Cardinals have to succeed in the central division of the national league in major league baseball.
The female body goes through many changes during the stages of pregnancy. Find out what to expect from your body during pregnancy.
How did hula originate in Hawaii? Why is it so popular?
The herb Lavender is often used in gardens because of its fragrance and beauty. It is also has medicinal and culinary uses.
What are some of the sights and beaches you don't want to miss on the Waianae Coast on Oahu, Hawaii? What makes them unique?
Tiger Woods has spent the last ten years astounding the golf world both as an amateur and a professional, bringing mainstream attention to golf.
Remember that you can learn at any age. Help for the returning adult student with tips for financial aid and coping with the added stress.
The top five World War II movies of all-time judged on accuracy, plot and realism.
A review of the movie "Torch Song Trilogy" starring Anne Bancroft and Matthew Broderick. A depiction of homosexualtiy and prejudice.
What are some traditional Hawaiian foods you'll eat when visiting the islands? What do you need to know about them?
A description of the benefits of truck driver jobs. Explains the needs of the driver, and the family.
This is a recipe for a vegetarian stew that is both hearty and delicious.
Do turtles make good pets? A desciption of different kinds of turtles and which ones would make a good for a pet for a child.
Simple table salt has a great number of uses. 60 uses for salt off the dinner table!
Vacation home exchanges, both on an international and domestic basis, are growing. Travelers should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of this sort of travel experience.
Virginia has many mansions and plantations. If you have transportation and a map, you can see their wonder and beauty for yourself.
What are the main attractions at the Hawaii maritime center in Honolulu? What makes it an attraction you don't want to miss on your visit to Hawaii?
What do you need to know about the Waikiki Aquarium? When is it open? How much does it cost? What is there to see?
What are some sights and beaches in Wailua, Hawaii, that you don't want to miss? What makes them unique?
Learn how to keep and breed the insect known as the walking stick.
What are the different types of water sports available to tourists on Oahu? Where are the best water sports places to go? How much does it cost?
The task of raising money for your business is not as difficult as most people seem to think. This is especially true when you have an idea that can make you and your backers rich.
Shooting stars - you may have seen one. Learn what this phenomena is all about.
How to start and end a fast. What are the types of fasts and benefits of fasting.Fasting is a natural healing process.
What is hypothyroidism? Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatment of an underactive thyroid.
From its conception, SPAM® has been a very popular luncheon meat. It has become an American household word.
Thrush is a yeast infection that affects a baby's mouth and diaper area and mother's breasts. Find out how to identify and prevent thrush.
Tuna Fish is one of the most commonly fished species worldwide, providing a substantial income to US fishermen.
Your gasoline bill may be too high if you are using gasoline with a higher octane rating than you need. The best way to make sure you are probably using the right octane rating for your car is simply to check your owner's manual.
Theories on why babies cry and what each specific cry means.
Why do the Hawaiian islands have so many volcanoes? Why do they erupt so often?
William Shakespeare is widely considered the greatest playwright who ever lived. Learn more about him!
This fresh made salsa is beautiful and delicious. Quick and simple, this recipe will impress all who taste it.
Delicious fried zucchini appetizer recipe