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It is not often that you get an experience like the one I had in the summer of 1994.

That summer, I graduated from high school and spent two weeks in Seoul, South Korea with a friend. My friend really likes the boy band in Korea known as Seo-Taiji. Known for the innovative punk, pop and rap style music, this group has the largest fan following in Korea.

At the end of the first week, we heard that Seo-Taiji planned to make a guest appearance on a Korean show similar to the American show called "American Bandstand". We went to the television station and managed to get tickets to this show.

The day of the show, we arrived four hours early to wait for a good seat. There was already a line of about fifty girls. It was there that we first met the female fan club of Seo-Taiji. They call themselves the Taiji fans. This fan club consists of 300 to 400, mostly female fans, at any one time. They attend all of Seo-Taiji's concerts and appearances and even camp out in front of the homes owned by the Seo-Taiji boys.

Each girl favors one boy in the band - there are three all together. None are married. Members of the Taiji fan club harbor fantasies of marrying one of these boys. Several in the group carry photographs of the boys (some were lucky enough to have taken a photograph with one of the boys) in their wallets and purses.

These girls will go to any length to fulfill their fan club duties. The week my friend and I were there, we spent two nights in sleeping bags camping out in front of one of the boy's mother's house in hopes of catching a glimpse of him. Several members of the group skipped school to wait for Seo Taiji's concert appearance at a mall. The appearance was to occur at night but the girls started waiting in line at dawn.

The girls can be pretty vicious too. At one event, a girl tried to cut the line and members of the fan club threw a fit. There was a physical fight and several girls were led out by security guards. All in the name of being Seo-Taiji's top fans.

So the next time you go to Korea, join the female fan club and fasten your seat belt because some fast-paced times are sure to follow.