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The band sets up. I test my microphone. My heart's beating rapidly as I anticipate the crowd's arrival. It's been a rough day and I am drained. I have tried with all I possess to reserve some energy for tonight's performance. My frame of mind is wrong...all wrong. I keep reflecting on the day's troubling events and the overall sadness is still with me. How can I shake it? How can I be here, on stage, while I feel like my life is being torn to shreds? How can I be amongst these happy people?

The crowd is arriving. This is someone's wedding. I need to be my best. I need to make their day more special. I cannot let my problems prevent me from doing that. "Please, God," I whisper, "let me get through this."
The band begins to play background music, but now it's time. Time for me to smile and meet the wedding party. This is their day and they are happy! I can't dampen that. So, I put on a happy face. All goes well. Inside, I am screaming.

After announcing them into the hall, I begin singing their song. Suddenly, I am transformed from someone who couldn't let go of the day's disappointments, into one who is lost in her music. I feel like myself again. This is who I am. Music gives me strength as I am reconnected with the part of me that needs no questioning; my core. I am nurturing who I am instead of being absorbed into my problems. I am being lifted up and out and it feels good. The music has done this for me.

I leave the job feeling tired and exilerated at the same time. The high I got from reaching others through my music reestablishes my value and feelings of self worth. It shows me that although times are rough, I can still smile.
As I drive home, my mind is soothed rather than desperate. My stomach is quiet and my muscles are relaxed instead of tight and painful.

Whether it's performing or listening to music, it's a universal language that can make you cry, smile, dance and remember. Most of all, it can soothe your mind like medicine...without the unwanted side effects.

As I open my front door I thank God for the gift of music and its effect on me. I can face tomorrow with more strength because of it.

I can't be the only one who benefits from music's medicinal and spiritual value. There have got to be others...I am sure there are. I saw them smiling tonight. Music connects us to each other and to ourselves. It always has. It truly soothes the wild beast. In this case, my mind.