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How to understand and appreciate classical music. A brief guide to the history of classical music, and some ideas to enhance your listening pleasure. Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Stravinsky and more.
Create mood music! Use your own CDs and the "Program" feature on your disc player to create and store these suggested mood-specific playlists.
Here's a guidebook to evaluate the rarity and condition of collectible 45's.
A history of the Four Seasons, the "East Coast Beach Boys" with the famous trademark falsetto of Frankie Valli.
So you are in a garage band that isn't going anywhere. Maybe with a little structure and work you can get pointed in the right direction.
As a performer, music transformed my state mind from a negative to a positive, healing one. It connects us to ourselves and to each other.
Learn how record players work!
CD are much more durable than the vinyl albums they replaced, but care must still be taken when cleaning and maintaining them. Dust can cause the laser eye to skip, and scratches can cause a loss of audio quality. Here's the proper way to clean and maintain compact discs.
Learning how to read music requires some effort, but it doesn't require years of schooling. Through a few simple steps, you can read basic music.
Loretta Young gave us many hours of entertainment and she did her best to lead a life that had purpose.
Wouldn't it be nice to make extra money with your music? Here's how.
Audiences once anticipated a Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire dance movie or Judy Garland musical as eagerly as Casablanca or Citizen Kane. Today's filmgoers have shown more interest in Disney's animated musical productions than any live action musical in recent release.
Music and therapy go hand in hand; music reaches and heals various diseases and medical conditions where mainstream medicine cannot reach.
Music As Therapy: FInd out how music can aid in your healing process and lift your mood.
Finding a replacement phonograph needle can be difficult. Here are some ideas on where to start looking.
Seo-Taiji is known for the innovative punk, pop and rap style music, this group has the largest fan following in Korea.
Being a lead female singer isn't as easy as it looks! Here are ten on my tips on what it takes to be not only great, but successful!
Bruce Springsteen's least commercial album to date, Ghost of Tom Joad, hearkens back to the days of folk singers like Woodie Guthrie and early Bob Dylan, with a generous touch of John Steinbeck for good measure.
History of techno music and what I like about it.
A brief history and review of five great Texas guitar players - Ernest Tubb, Leadbelly, T-Bone Walker, Johnny Guitar Watson, and Charlie Christian.
Learn how the healing power of music can help you resolve issues in your mind unlike any other kind of therapy.
The Shakuhachi flute can be a religious impliment, a musical instrument and a weapon! How did this come about?
Tesy your home cicuitry using a Digital Multi-meter. It's easier than you think.
The song lyrics on Willie Nelson's "Teatro," tell us a story about domestic abuse and the kind of love that kills.
A basic overview on the craft of lyric writing, such as rhyming patterns and song structure.