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Tea dying is not a new idea. Tea dying was used to hide stains on linens. The tea will stain the entire linen and cover any stains or imperfections in the cloth.

Today, tea dying has become a novelty. You can tea dye a variety of items:
Table Cloths
Table Runners
Tea Towels
Hand Towels
Pillow Cases
Pillow Covers
Lace Curtains

You will need the following to tea dye:
4 – 20 Lipton tea bags (depends on the size of the article to dye)
4 bags = 1-2 napkins
20 bags = 1 small table cloth
Sauce Pan (size depends on the article to dye)
Medium sauce pan = 2 – 4 napkins
Large pasta pan = 1 small table cloth
Water to boil

1. Fill ½ of the pan with water.
2. Add the tea bags. The more tea bags you use the darker the color.
3. Bring to a boil over high heat.
4. Take off heat.
5. Soak article to be dyed in pan with tea bags. Be sure to get all areas wet.
6. Let it soak for…
10 minutes for light color
30 minutes for medium color
1 hour for darkest color
7. Stir every 5 minutes to get even color.
8. Wring out all liquid.
9. Put in the dyer for the best results. Be sure to clean the dryer after use, so you don’t stain the next load of laundry.
10. If you need to hang dry it, iron it when it’s almost dry. The heat helps to keep the color.
11. If it is too dark, wash it with detergent before drying.