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Andrew Mellon's foundation is one of the top ten. Mellon was active in many industries and helped establish the National Gallery of Art.
Democrats vs republicans: these opposing political parties have dominated politics in the United States for what seems like an eternity. But what prompted our two-party system of politics in America, and how stable of a system is it?
A look at etiquette from 19th century and how the rules of etiquette have changed over the last 100 years. Includes tips on dining, visiting, and conversation.
Helpful hints for tracing your Irish roots. Family tree enthusiasts can find some useful tips here.
Find your family roots by using free genealogy resources already in your home.
Genealogy sites: If you are new to genealogy there are some things you need to do before logging on.
Several wonderful suggestions for making history come alive for your children. Provide your child with an understanding of historical events, instead of memorization.
The history of psychology and its four fathers, Pavlov, Thorndike, Watson, and Skinner. What did they do, how did they do it, and what doesn't the public know about them?
There are all sorts of hoaxs and urban legends throughout the world, ranging from love to humor to horror. Some that may actually have a basis in fact. Lets tkae a look at a few of these urban legends.
An assortment of old wives tales, wedding superstitions, sayings to make wishes come true, customs, weather omens, and folklore gathered through the years.
Remember when your mother told you to eat all your carrots to save your eyesight? Boy, was she off base. Here's the A to Z list of myths your mother passed on
This artical describes what oral tradition is, in particular, stroytelling. It discribes the native american origin myth.
Triskaidekaphobia is a common complaint. You may even have it and not realise! If you are overly superstitious, find out why you are!
Learn the origins of the different families of languages.
Researching your Cherokee ancestry can be fun and rewarding. This article will show you resources and information that can help you in applying for a Certified Degree of Indian Blood.
The structure of Lee’s army played a crucial role in its success and eventual failures in the American War Between the States. Lee’s centralized structure provided a model for generals in the years to come.
The Russians experiment in capitalism and democracy has been fraught with corruption, inflation, and poverty.
Thousands are taking to the Internet and libraries to research their biological heritage. Can you be your own P.I.? Get the tools to begin your relative search here.
Why, in snake mythology, are snakes known as mythical creatures?
From Guiding Light to Passions, the enduring appeal of daytime drama and its evolution from the early "soaps".
The true story of what occured on the frozen hills of South Dakota in December 1890 at a place called Wounded Knee - and how it has left a crimson stain on our history books.
Condottieri were mercenary leaders who, along with their bands of soldiers for hire all but ruled Italy during and after the Hundred Years War.
Is welfare reform helping or hurting us? A breif discussion of the problems with welfare reform and the effect it has had on America's low-income families.
The wolf is misunderstood by humans. Information on how magnificent wolves are from a wolf enthuisast perspective.
Here is a comprehensive list of symbols for each of the United States, including flowers, trees and birds.
The names of the months in the Roman calendar are the origins to the names we use today. Find out the etymology of our calendar.
Vernal equinoxes are used to calculate leap years. Pope Gregory first recognised seasonal drift and devised leap year rules and the Gregorian Calender.
Brief examination of British and American language differences.