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A cure for dark circle under eyes and other tips on how to care for your eyes.
Practical reasons for adopting a vegetarian diet, and basic plan for staying healthy as a vegetarian.
Acne home remedy: acne is every teenager's nightmare, but once you understand what causes it, you can treat it at home successfully.
Does insurance cover alternative medical treatment? Should you use alternative medicines? What should you do if your doctor is not interested in using alternative treatments? What are the dangers? Answers to these questions and more.
If you are an acne sufferer and are disillusioned with cream treatments check out this site for some excellent alternative remedies including herbal aids.
Alternative therapies which can help treat psoriasis
Many ancient cures, labeled as old wifes tales, really work! This article will tell your what some of them are and how to use them.
There are several techniques which are useful in reducing anxiety and stress, from muscle relaxation to specific breathing exercises.
A breif description of aroma therapy and how different scents can have a possitive effect on your body. Includes recipes and as well as historical information.
A beginners look at Aroma Therapy
Find out different ways to inhale essential oils.
Try this aromatherapyguide to relax or enhance to your mood. Aromatics, essential oils have a long history of medicinal success.
Aromatherapy information: What is it? How does Aromatherapy work? How can I use Aromatherapy?
A beginners guide to astral travel methods.
Ayurveda uses various medicines, herbal supplements, remedies, and diet to treat various chronic conditions from bronchitis to infertility.
Basic meditation and yoga exercise, an easy, relaxing, and effective way to relieve daily stress and anxiety.
Create your own fragrant, attractive and aromatherapeutic bath salt crystals to enjoy at home or give to friends.
Benefits of aromatherapy:find out how aromatherapy is used for a variety of purposes from the sick room to the bedroom!
Chinese medicinal herbs protect the immune system from breaking down and thus help the internal and external well being of the body.
Benefits from green tea include fighting cancer & lowering blood pressure. It is a healthy beverage!
Tea tree oil has so many uses and benefits that it is a one-solution bottle to cure all ills.
What are the most common benefits vitamins? How can they help you stay healthy?
The calendula plant is used in many natural ointment recipes. These calendula recipes are useful for quick healing.
Capsaicin is the chemical in cayenne peppers. It's what makes the peppers hot. It is also a hot herbal remedy these days, used to benefit and combat various ailment.
Carrier oils are used in aromatherapy to mix with essential oil to be applied to the skin.
What is road rage and what causes it? What are the signs that someone in another lane is angry at you?
Chamomile tea has many useful purposes, it can be used as a tea, in baths, and as compresses. All these are great ways to promote natural healing.
Find out how color is being used in therapy.
Learn the art of conscious dreaming. Try these effective methods to figure out if you are dreaming.
Learn how to identify and cope with stress both good and bad. Your body reacts to emotional changes through stress. Sometimes stress is good, often it can harm you.
Craniosacral therapy is sweeping the country and consists of a head massage which increases and decreases the volume of cerebrospinal fluid.
Learn what to use, how to use it and why it is important for curing nail problems.
Although considered a pesky weed, the humble dandelion is packed with vitamin A and C, and has a good dosage of potassium. The dandelion has numerous health benefits, and is easy to gather and dry for your own use.
A safe diet to detox your body using live juices, herbs, fiber and exercise.
Environmental allergy control can greatly improve the life of an asthmatic or someone who suffers from allergies. A step by step guide to allergen control.
Essential oil information: Essential oils are now being uses on a more common basis. Essential oils can be used to promote the body's natural healing cycle.
Find out how to use essential oils for a therapeutic massage.
Learn all about the benefits of eucalyptus in aromatherapy.
Females of this planet are the healers; so it is only natural that Mother Nature would grow plants that will help females when they hurt.
This flu remedy is based on preventive medicine- fight off the flu bug before it gets you. If you're already down with flu, find out how you can alleviate the symptoms of flu.
Learn about the benefits of francincense in aromatherapy
Learn about generalization in psychology. There are seven different strategies for promoting generalization of a behavioral change, what are they and how can they be implemented?
Green tea benefits: Science and the medical field are beginning to recognize the healing properties of Green Tea. This article will tell you about the properties and what conditions might be improved by drinking Green Tea.
Health benefits of yoga: Yoga can aid in your health through meditation, breathing exercises and positive thinking.
Herbal bath products: Herbs can help you relax, soften and heal skin, clear your mind and perk you up.
Some herbal cosmetics that are good for cleansing and healing the skin.
If you suffer with this sleepless disorder here is an article that will give the reasons for insomnia and best herbs for curing it.
Herbs have been used as beauty aids for thousands of years. Home concocted beauty products assure the makers of their products purity.
Learn how most hair problems can be solved with herbs or vitamins if you know what you can do to keep it healthy.
Many herbs are helpful digestive aids, and can help mild digestive disorders if taken as liquid brews. Some can perk up an appetite, and ease intestinal gas and cramps.
The male life style takes a beating out on our bodies. Why not herbal medicine plants to protect and enhance our bodies year round?
What is the history of acupuncture? Acupuncture has been around for generations and is still used widely today.
How does holistic alternative medicine and conventional medicine differ? Which alternative treatments are the most established?
How to live a healthier lifestyle by the use of meditation, yoga and healthier eating in this fast paced world.
Earache is one of the most painful conditions to afflict anyone, particularly children. Natural healing home remedies can help alleviate ear pain once a doctor has determined its source.
Simple home health remedies for minor illnesses and injuries.
Homemade bath salts are easy to make and only take five minutes of your time.
Facial scrubs made at home allow you to rest easy about exactly what ingredients you are putting on your face.
Many delightful herbs can be used to condition and beautify your hair. Here are a few easy recipes for home made herbal hair care products that you will enjoy making and using.
Soap is quickly becoming a hot item...that is, homemade soap! To learn how to get into this booming business and get your own up and running for less, follow the tips below.
Horseradish – a condiment and potent natural remedy against flu, sore throat, urinary tract infections, joint pains and age spots.
Learn how to extract essential oils from flowers to make your own perfumes.
The ancient concept of the mustard pack has been passed down for centuries. Learn how to make one and what to use it for.
Learn how to make essential oils! There are several methods from extracting essential oils from their original plants.
Making your own herbal tinctures for medicinal purposes is really not that difficult
Learn what items in kitchen cabinets or bath medicine chest relieve sunburn and alternative medicines that work instantly.
Radish -- a natural remedy that aids digestion, heals respiratory infections and helps in the efficient production of hormones.
Juicing is an excellent source of fruits and vegetables. This quick and easy way to down the nutrients your body needs is easy to learn.
Lavender is one of the most beneficial oils in aromatherapy. Find out just how therapeutic it could be.
Vitamin E has been becoming increasingly popular over the years due to its helpful supplements that can aid in the healing process, and stop major health problems from happening.
Magnetic therapy, alternative therapies from Chinese medical text
Learn to make herbal baths to relax in as well as poultices, tinctures and infusions to aid the natural healing of your body.
The medicinal effects of garlic are widespread. Its an effective natural remedy against heart disease, colds, and athlete's foot.
Wild Strawberry is a relaxing and soothing medicinal plant. Throughout history, wild strawberries were used for several different stomach ailments, and also jaundice.
Meditate simply as a way to calm down and to control your life and to maintain your youthful spirit.
How can you enhance your mood? What are some easy ways to put yourself in a better mood without using drugs or supplements?
More medicinal herbs to cure what ails you. Herbs have are helpful in taking care of everything from inflammed muscles to migraine headaches and heart attacks.
What kinds of things can you do in order to remedy muscle pain quickly?
Natural stress remedies: abnormal levels of stress, which can lead to moodiness, depression, panic attacks and nervous breakdown, can be relieved by different methods of relaxation.
Time-honored "alternative" traditions and new non-mainstream therapies for acne sufferers
How can you relieve arthritis pain without using drugs? What are some good tips to try when your pain relieving pills won't work?
Back pain, often a symptom of bad posture, stress, and mis-aligned vertebrae, can be relieved by a number of natural treatments.
Some refreshing recipes for natural health and beauty remedies. Includes recipes for skin moisurizers for our outsides as well as some tasty beverages for our insides.
Acute and chronic bronchitis can be relieved and treated by simple natural treatments. Bronchitis is marked by coughing, fever, and swelling of the air passages.
No drug or herbal concoction can treat every single type of headache, but there are some natural cures that can alleviate some types of head pain.
If you suffer from arthritis discover the best anti-inflammatory natural cures, with no side effects!
Make your own natural health remedies by useing simple foods to cure, heal and get relief for indigestion, constipation, colds, cuts and insomnia.
Here are some alternatives to chemical household cleaners. Use them for a more environmentally friendly, non-toxic home.
If you suffer the anguish of migraine headaches, learn what they are and how to treat them naturally with herbs and vitamins.
A low grade fever, caused by the body’s natural reaction to infections, can be relieved by natural remedies such as herbal teas, hot baths, cold treatments, and sweating.
Muscle pain, often caused by overexertion, stress, and mineral deficiencies can be relieved by natural remedies such as compresses, oil massages, and herbal teas.
Neck pain, often caused by poor posture, strenuous activities, and emotional stress, can be relieved by relaxation exercises and the warmth of essential oils.
Rashes, blisters, and other skin irritations, can be relieved by natural remedies such as tea compresses and oatmeal baths.
Sleep disorders, caused by an abnormal release of the sleep hormone, melatonin, can be effectively relieved by natural remedies such as herbal teas and aromatherapy.
Skin wounds, marked by bleeding, swelling, and pain, can be relieved by natural remedies that disinfect, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.
Try these natural repellants for insects, including mosquitos, ants, bees and fleas around your home.
Stomach aches, caused by simple or complex problems, can sometimes be relieved by natural remedies such as essential oil massages and herbal teas.
Natural tennis elbow treatment: Elbow pain, a symptom of strained, injured, and inflamed tendons in the elbow, can be relieved by natural remedies such as essential oils, compresses, and herbal baths.
Chronic fatigue, often caused by vitamin deficiencies and insufficient enzymes, can be relieved by simple natural treatments.
These forgotten old home remedies to life’s little ailments will save you money and make you feel better.
Pineapple -- a natural remedy that relieves digestive problems, soothes muscle and joint pains, lowers fever, and exfoliates rough skin.
Native Americans had a vast and extensive knowledge of plant medicines. So white settlers, who suddenly had to deal with their own illnesses, were eager to learn and try what the Indians knew.
This pms remedy uses herbs and vitamins to treat pms symptoms.
These Qi Gong exercises can help you use this ancient chinese art for maintaining health and enhancing vitality.
An instruction for beginners on how to meditate in order to reduce stress.
Learn about the history and practice of Reiki, the Japanese art of healing, which is becoming a popular form of alternative medicine.
There are several different schedules of reinforcement. What are they, which one is the most resistant to extinction, and when should you use the different ones?
Meditation is a great tool for relaxation. The good news is that anyone can meditate.
Rose hips come from the dogwood tree. It can be used in various forms as a natural medicine.
There are various ways to use rosewood oil to help in natural healing. They can be used in bathes and massages, also as compresses.
While some evidence shows that St. John's Wort can be an effective treatment for depression, it should not be taken without caution.
St. Johns Wort is an anti-depressant now being recognized as a great alternative to treating mild to moderate depression.
Understand the stages of mourning. Grief and bereavement are important in mourning for the dead. Learn how to recover and live again.
There are many herbs and herbal combinations that help releave stress naturally. This article will tell you what they are and how they work.
What kinds of things can you do to relieve lower back pain? What are some simple stretches you can do to help you out?
Explains how to use each Bach flower remedy and how to design make a combination treatment tincture for yourself.
Bee pollen – packed with essential natural healing nutrients to combat stress, stimulate metabolism and physical and mental energy, and promote growth of healthy cells.
Find out how you can benefit from using chamomile tea.
The benefits of cranberries are numerous. Curative power of cranberries is tannin which cleans the urinary tract of bacteria. Indians and researchers discovered cranberries' medical and food value.
Learn about the benefits of rosemary in aromatherapy.
A brief review of current scientific literature regarding the benefits of soy for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis.
Learn about the benefits of ylang ylang in aromatherapy.
Herbal Recommendations for nausea: No matter how unpleasant nausea might be, it is your body's way of ridding itself of toxic material. These tips will help.
The effects of marijuana on human health, both physical and mental.
How to keep your liver, skin and body clean using dandelion herb tea and tinctures including recipes for this tasty treat. It's not just a weed!
The health benefits of lemons are numerous. Learn why lemons are good for you.
Learn the history of herbal medicine from the ancient Greeks to Eastern cultures.
Have you ever wondered how to use essential oils around the house? Read this article for quick and easy home remedies and recipes using your favorite essential oils.
Learn meaning of yin and yang. Traditionally within Chinese medicine, the health of a patient is defined as a balance of the bodies, yin and yang.
Medicinal effects of garlic are numerous. Learn more about the healthful benefits of this herb.
Learn the many medicinal uses of elderberry.
Aromatherapy is widely used to promote emotional and physical ailments. Find out why.
Cider vinegar – teeming with uses this natural healing nutrients help promote energy, relieve circulatory and digestive problems, and soothe fevers and skin irritations.
Using herbs for health! Herbs are natural foods which help to fight old age diseases and maintain your youth and health.
Herbal therapies have been used for centuries and now, newer and improved therapies are being used. Could you benefit?
Use of plants to give you energy, relaxation, fresh air, psychological & therapeutic benefits.
Valerian, often referred to as "herbal valium" has similar medicinal qualities as Valium. It holds a prominent position as one of Nature's best tranquilizers, and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
Read how warm water exercise can be of invaluable benefit for arthritis sufferers when practiced regularly, improving strength and mobility of aching joints.
Aphrodisiacs encompass food, drink, scents, herbs, and chemical products. How much is rooted in superstitious history and how much is medical fact?
Understanding your biorthyms can help you improve your day
What minerals do you need to stay healthy? In what foods can you find them? How do they help you stay healthy?
Acupuncture is becoming a popular alternative treatment. Learn the basics of acupuncture, the ideas and history behind it and how it works.
Learn the basics of aromatherapy to help relieve mental and physical stress.
Behavioral skills training or BST involves Modeling, Instructions, Rehearsal, and Feedback. It is used in teaching many different skills.
Echinacea is an herbal remedy that boosts the immune system, promotes wound healing, and prevents colds, flu, and other viral, bacterial, and fungal infections.
Gemstone therapy is a means of using the magical properties of crystals or other stones to heal the body both physically and mentally.
Goldenseal, named for its golden yellow roots, is a great herb to know. Its active ingredients are alkaloids, hydrastine and berberine, great aids in destroying many types of viral and bacterial infections.
An overview of hoeopathy, a branch of alternative medicine, focusing on how and why proponents claim it works.
A safe and common weed, mullein has been used for chest conditions, sore throats, hoarseness, ear aches and other ailments for hundreds of years.
How to cure and avoid wrinkles through proper skin care.
The facial wrinkles that occur naturally with advancing age tend to appear at younger ages when certain elements are present. Learn how to prevent and treat wrinkles.
Yarrow herb has been used throughout the ages from troy times to present day. It is a valuable healin plant.
A beginner's in a gentle practice of yoga postures, as well as informing them of how yoga can benefit both the body and teh mind.