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How taking afternoon English tea became popular. How tea should be made and served ,which teas to use, and what food to have.
Description of All-Clad cookware, including pros and cons.
This article explains how cooking with substitutions may not only be necessary but even enhance the original recipe.
Here's a guide to some of the best vegetarian restaurants in the Chicagoland area.
Ideas and tips for box lunches to take to school or work.
What makes sardines more desired on the commercial market than other fish? How did that come about?
Whether your culinary talents range from gourmet chef to boiling water, these are recipes that ANYONE can cook. Yes, anyone!
Different types of cheap beer and which one provides the best value for your money.
A coleslaw made with rice noodles and almonds.
Try these chocolate brownies - the recipe is easy to make.
Great clambake recipe! Here's what you need to know to prepare a delicious clambake, right on the beach.
The perfect cup of coffee starts with knowing how to find the highest quality and freshest coffee beans. Here's how.
Coffee trees from different regions in the world produce different tastes of coffee brews. Each region has its own distinct coffee family and thus, its own distinctive taste. The main coffee growing regions are Latin America, The Pacific, East Africa and Arabia.
How do you know which you region makes the coffee you like? How are coffees from Central America different from coffees from East Africa and Indonesia?
Ever wonder where coffee comes from? This article makes a good read to help you enjoy your brew more.
Leaarn how consumer psychology is used to seduce you in the grocery store.
A short course in cooking terms. These terms may be familiar to some, but many will be unfamiliar to beginning cooks, and since cookbok often assume we know all these words, they are not defined.
Cooking on a budget! Short cuts in the kitchen to save time and money.
Cooking is an art form. There are certain tried and true techniques which allow you to make unique dishes which your guests have never tried before!
This crockpot steak recipe with mushrooms is a rich and delicious meal, fast and easy to prepare ahead of time in the crockpot.
These mixtures of 'designer greens' originated in the Provence region of France. The origins and history of mesclun, how to serve it, what to serve it with, how to grow your own designer greens.
How to decide what kind of cutting board to buy, and how to care for it.
What do different beers taste like? What do they look like? How do you know if you'll like them?
Try eating fish for weight loss. Learn which fish are the best for you to eat.
Ways to enjoy eating out on your diet without feeling deprived
Double gardening results by planting edible flowers for beauty and good taste. Garnish soups or salads with edible petals; sautee, grill and bake them.
Do you know which fungi are edible? Read this article and find out.
Want to feel younger and more energetic? Energize yourself! Maximize your energy boosters and minimize your energy sappers.
Five asian vegetables that are found in grocery stores today -- though their names and appearance may be unfamiliar, they are easily incorporated into traditional cuisine.
Foods high in fiber keeps your whole digestion in tip-top shape, with benefits for your weight as well as your health.
What are the foods that grow best in Hawaii? Why do they do so well there?
Three French recipes that can make a mouth watering first course!
Easy ideas for healthy foods your kids will love.
Next time your kids want a snack, offer them one of these healthy snacks instead.
Authentic Italian hero sandwhcich recipe!
Coffee has been around for centuries and still considered the choice beverage of many. Read the history of this popular drink and learn how to make the perfect cup!
Even though you are on a diet, you can still eat at restaurants, stay slim and enjoy yourself. Learn how to make healthy, yet delicious food and drink choices without affecting your weight loss.
How to dry fruits and vegetables: Drying has become a popular means of preserving the bounty from your garden and fruit trees.
Freezing foods is a quick and easy way to preserve them for use at a later time. Learn to properly freeze foods.
Inexpensive main course recipes that take little time and use little money! And they are fun to do!!!!
Inexspensive romantic dinner ideas! Anybody can prepare an inexpensive, romantic dinner for two. This article will provide cooking and preperation instructions for such a meal.
Gone are the days of basic barbecuing. Grilling is the perfect way to prepare a variety of foods. Learn inventive ways to use your grill.
An easy to follow, trouble free description of how to eat and drink Japanese food or in Japan without doing something embarrassing!
Description of Kyocera's ceramic knives, possibly the best kitchen knives manufactured.
How-to instructions to make a Table, Garden bench, salad bowl and breadboard.
Maltese food recipes.
The history of gathering and making maple syrup hasn't changed much since it was first discovered. In fact, many old timers still tap their own trees and use a traditional woodburning stove to produce homemade syrup.
In today's climate of healthier eating, more people are looking for adequate sources of natural sweeteners. There are a wide variety of body-conscious substitutes available.
Factors such as nutrition, genetics, physical activity and stress contribute to the diverse population of elderly adults.
The kiwi fruit is a down under delicacy that can add a treat to any meal. It has a unique taste and a unique look. Learn about the origin and uses of the kiwi fruit.
Ideas for a simple but festive patio party with appetizers for eight adults
This is a simple ethnic dinner from Iran's Persian cookery. In no time enjoy a soup, stew, rice and a salad dressed with a vinaigrette.
Planning a memorable picnic for your family and friends with lots of good food on the menu is easy with these tips!
Pomegranates have long been a symbol of beauty and fertility. With plump red juice sacs, it is an interesting fruit which has mythical connections.
Several unique pumpkin recipes along with a breif history of the pumpkin in North America.
Hot and spicy restaurant recipes that can be served at home-a step aside from everyday meals, saving a lot of time, energy and money.
Learn how to properly taste the wine that you buy in a restaurant or at home to insure that it is of requisite quality.
I try to start each day with a fountain soda. It lasts all day and I can gage my day by how cold the soda is.
Where did the Japanese tea ceremony begin and what does it involve? Is it milk and two sugars or is there something more?
Learn the many uses of honey as an aid to health and well being.
There are many different types of champagnes. Some taste better than others. I will tell you the six best wines in the world.
A short story about a traditional nuclear family and the love that makes them special.
Traditional Japanese food is beautifully presented,visually appealing and healthy. This article describes & defines various japanese dishes.
Learn about the many types of cheese and try a few recipes too!
Succulent veal paprika recipe!
How to prepare a complete, satisfying, and delicious vegetarian meal that even carnivores will love. Healthy ideas for a nutritious and vegan feast for dinner.
What do these fish look like? How do they behave? What do you need to know about Anchovies?
Anise is a perennial herb that grows well in sunny gardens with well-drained, moderately rich soil. The downy brown seedlike fruits, produce the essential oil for which this licorice-smelling herb is best known for.
Kefir is a creamy, cultured milk product with amazing health properties. Similar to yogurt, kefir packs a double punch and provides superior health benefits to those who consume it regularly.
Sushi, like much of Japanese cuisine, is considered an edible art form. Learn how to make a California roll and how to eat at sushi bars!
Try these wine and food matching tips! These combinations have evolved over the years continue to provide a very useful guideline in matching wine with foods!
Tips on storing and aging younger and cheaper wines.
Your wine tasting event will be a success with this beginner's guide to holding a successful wine tasting evening at home.
Wood stoves are popular for their cooking ability and because they double as a heating source. Learn how to cook on a wood stove.